My most productive meditations are when I’m immersed in nature, away from the emissions of our mechanized world. I reap more benefits from this outdoor practice than when I meditated inside my home.

Why is it better for me? I’m more likely to:

  • remain in this state more easily for a longer period of time,
  • connect with the heavenly realm for divine guidance,
  • feel healthier, more aware and energetic afterward, and
  • experience a sensation of utter peace and contentment that stays with me long after I’ve finished.

Jean Millay, Ph.D., an expert in consciousness studies, explained why nature boosts our contemplative efforts. When meditating indoors or in a congested, populated area, man-made energies (i.e. electronics, TV antennae, radio stations, utility grids) bombard our minds, complicating our ability to tune into the earth’s electrical and magnetic fields.  Millay said, “Life includes the electrical and magnetic energies, which are imbedded in an Earth that is electrical and magnetic, powered by the sun, galaxy, cosmos…When I resonate with the energy of another human, or animal, or plant, I share their information. The ‘I’ of that statement refers to my own Consciousness of Life, which is connected in energy to The Consciousness of Life of the whole biosphere and beyond.”

According to, all man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs)—unlike natural sources—are polarized, and “polarization significantly increases the probability for the initiation of biological/health effects.” So it follows that getting out into nature allows you to recharge in a purer environment, one more in tune with your mind and body.

Photo by Ben Johnson.

Photo by Ben Johnson.









Birds navigate during migrations with the earth’s EMFs, and we can tap into this same energy to take us into deeper meditations. In addition, instead of using music as an aid, I listen to my surroundings instead: birds singing, leaves trembling in the wind, the brook gurgling.

Nature’s bounty can recharge us and make us more aware of what is around us. For me, outdoor contemplation connects me more easily to all life and God’s creation. I feel:

  • the solid ground underneath my feet,
  • the breeze brush across my cheek,
  • the rays of the sun penetrate my skin.

What methods do you use for more productive meditations?