We live in a reality star world—where seemingly average people can attain national fame without doing much. While I don’t fault anyone for their successes, I am saddened there are some who are driven to step into the limelight at any cost.

Allow the Universe take us where we’re meant to go

What’s wrong with going after our dreams? Nothing. We all have aspirations and one of the joys of life is achieving our goals. However, we lose the essence of who we really are if we sacrifice what we stand for just for a moment of attention.

By pursuing the areas that feed our souls and remaining true to ourselves, we’ll be fulfilled in a way fame can’t provide, plus, when we are alone, we’ll like who we are. Only then, if the Universe decides to make us famous, so be it.

Let’s honor ourselves and live without regret.


No one is more important than anyone else.

I see the star-struck cravings of some writers publishing their books and ghost hunters wanting to be the next cable TV sensation. They’ll put their desire for fame above everything else, stomping on anyone who gets in their way and belittling others’ accomplishments. They’ve lost their moral compass by putting themselves above others.

Egos can become inflated, and they’ll argue they’re more special than the rest of us. But they aren’t. We aren’t. Just because one’s path is different from another’s doesn’t make that person better than everyone else. Or if someone has an amazing talent, it doesn’t mean that gift is better (or more important) than someone else’s.

Recently on Facebook, a woman ranted about a former friend thinking he was so great. Then she went on about why that person was wrong and why she was so much better than that former acquaintance. I wonder if the irony of her post ever hit home with her?

As we work toward our goals, it’s important to recognize the achievements of others. Life is a celebration, so let’s applaud others’ accomplishments instead of tearing them down. Let’s be a star to those we love. A hero to the disenfranchised. A support to those struggling.

Let’s work to make the world a more compassionate place, not a belittling one.