It’s hard to believe I’ve been involved in the coordination of the college’s supernatural program for 15 years! As usual, you can select from a variety of investigative, spiritual, intuitive development and history classes this September and October in Reno, Virginia City and Carson City, Nevada.

Kathleen to present “Attracting Positive Energies” on Wed., Sept. 7

I’ll be conducting my first 3-hour class on how to attract more positivity and release fear in your life, whether it’s during your regular activities or paranormal investigations. I’ll also discuss how you can:

  • Realize how your mental state impacts what you attract,
  • Set your boundaries and stay in control of a situation,
  • Shield yourself from others’ negativity and from those who want to siphon off your energy,
  • Increase your own vibration to boost your chances of experiencing positive spirit interaction and
  • Work with angelic presences to help you on your journey.

You’ll also have time to share your experiences (if you want to) and what has worked for you.

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Other series classes being held

I’m happy to have all our veteran instructors returning this year and I’m thrilled to welcome two new teachers: Scott Gruenwald, a long-time investigator, comedian and actor, and Robbie Lunt, author of “Demon Street U.S.A.,” which details his journey of learning how to harness light and positivity to banish dark entities.

Here’s the listing of workshops:

“Cemeteries and Tombstones Tour: Reno” taught by David Davis

Visit Reno’s cemeteries and learn about the area’s historic graveyards that no longer exist. Tour Our Mother of Sorrows, the Masonic Memorial Gardens, Mountain View and the Jewish cemeteries. Take the skills you’ve learned from David to unlock the meanings of mysterious symbols found on grave markers throughout North America.

“Comedy and the Paranormal” presented by Scott Gruenwald

Attract more ghostly activity by using humor. Laughter can put spirits at ease and make them more likely to interact with your group. Find out how to integrate comedy with other investigative techniques. Also, learn about the best ways of working with clients. Scott, who’s appeared on numerous TV shows, will get you laughing and help you see why having a good time during an investigation is so important.

Critical Thinking: Examining Paranormal Evidence” taught by Anne and Sharon Leong

Develop the analytical confidence to know when you’ve captured something truly supernatural. Learn a disciplined approach to reviewing potential paranormal evidence. Better analyze photos, EVPs and more against a set of criteria to refine your investigative skills. The Leong’s are among the very best at analyzing data, so don’t miss this opportunity to take your skills to new levels.

Ghost Hunt Field Trip: Nevada State Prison

Enjoy a rare nighttime opportunity to explore this historic location which housed Nevada’s worst criminals from 1862 to 2012 and is the third-oldest prison west of the Mississippi. Visit the courtroom, sallyport-prisoner entry area, cell block, death row and cafeteria. Learn techniques from veteran paranormal investigators in small groups. This event has sold-out, but get on the waiting list as you may still be able to get in!

Ghost Hunting 101: Virginia City’s Union Brewery with Janice Oberding

There’s no better place to learn ghost hunting than Virginia City, one of the nation’s most spirited towns, and no one better to gain your foundational skills from than Janice. At the Union Brewery, delve into spirit photography, dowsing, electronic equipment and motion detectors. Discuss various types of investigations and hauntings, why historical research is important, how to establish a team protocol and prepare for a hunt.

Mechanics of Metaphysics with Robbie Lunt

Gain a greater understanding of energy, while developing the skills to protect yourself from any attacks that may occur during an investigation. Discuss the three pillars of energy work—power, intent and faith. Gain a deeper understanding of how energy works at a subtle, mental level and find out how to ease the bombardment of energies you deal with on a daily basis.

Mediumship and Channeling taught by certified medium Vickie Gay

My first psychic training was under Vickie, and I learned techniques that have served me very well. Find out why she has been named among the nation’s top psychics and learn how to build your confidence enough to expand your skills. Experience a guided meditation and learn about the levels of channeling from light to deep trances.

Metaphysical Investigating with Pride Hansen

Pride comes from such a positive place; you’ll be enriched taking his classes. By controlling your chakras, or energy centers, you’ll lessen the distance between the physical and spirit realms to conduct a more personal investigation. Develop a precise and informational awareness by learning how to enhance and set energy. Imagine the freedom of conducting an investigation with nothing more than a flashlight.

Past Lives, Present Dramas with Jean Millay, Ph.D.

Jean is a recognized authority on consciousness studies and has been in the field since the 1960s! Discover how you can know things from the past that impact you today. Learn about scientific research into reincarnation, including the stories of those who can recall their previous existence. Learn from past life-like memories and dreams so that you can explore your current dramas and better understand your present situations.

The 12 Laws of the Universe taught by Pride Hansen

Enhance your life by harmonizing with these laws and becoming part of the constant order of the universe. Discover how to manifest your dreams, foster abundance, create events in your life, better handle challenges and more. Discuss vibration, divine oneness, cause and effect, and rhythm, among other laws.

Reserve your spots today! I look forward to seeing you this fall.