While meditating a few weeks ago, I received a message to be more grateful for the life I can now lead. This reminded me of the trials of my past and made me appreciate my younger self who never gave up. This is what I would tell her:

I appreciate what you did correctly when everything seemed insurmountable.

Thank you for:

  • keeping your faith by knowing that God was in control;
  • refusing to allow illness to define who you are;
  • being stubborn and disputing the doctors’ decrees that you’d never be well;
  • digging in when others mocked you for saying there was a purpose to your agony; and
  • not allowing the darkness to overtake you.

I’m blessed that you didn’t permit yourself to dwell in bitterness. That you showed no ill will toward healthy individuals who didn’t take care of their bodies. Or those who didn’t appreciate their ability to hold down a job. Or people who took it for granted that they possessed the energy to go out with friends, could pay their bills, had the strength to exercise or had the mental capacity to read an article or follow conversations.

Kathleen in 2005

The 6 lessons I learned from you

  • Through your strength, tenacity and faith, I’m more compassionate, patient and forgiving of myself. And, I’m now a vocal supporter of people finding their own unique path to the Great I Am.
  • I’m stronger than I ever believed I could be. And I know I’ll be able to get through anything life hurls at me. Even though it won’t be easy, The Supreme Power will supply me with what I need to get through.
  • I was never my profession; my essence is my heart, something an illness can never rob me of.
  • My quality of life hinged more on my outlook than my disabilities.
  • By being judged on my “normal, healthy” looks, people assumed I couldn’t be as sick as I was. This taught me that I can never know what is truly going on in someone else’s life and that I have no right to make assumptions or judgments regarding them.
  • I discovered that I can’t take anything for granted—nothing is guaranteed to last. I need to marvel about how precious each moment is.

If I could travel back in time, here’s what I’d tell you

  • You’ll be healed in God’s time.
  • The Most Divine loves you unconditionally and takes an active interest in your journey.
  • If you knew the vastness of existence, you wouldn’t fear death. You are on earth to learn, grow, heal. This is your training ground. Make the most of it.
  • Don’t fear others because they believe differently from you. Narrowing your mindset lessens opportunity and prevents you from forging friendships with amazing people.
  • Those most important to you will stick by your side.
  • Those who hurt you are there to teach you. Many times, their actions shine an uncomfortable light on your own behaviors.
  • Your soul is always intact. Your angels remain beside you. You are never alone.
  • When fear threatens to consume you, you are safe. God will never leave you. And God is never disappointed in you.