Over the years, I’ve heard people say that “God is testing them” when they feel buried in a bad situation. But I don’t believe the Supreme Power ever puts us through misery to see how we’ll react.


Tests are given to determine what we know or how we’ll respond to a situation. Since the Great I Am already knows these answers, there’s no logic to the Universal Power examining our reaction.

Courtesy of Freeimages.com.

Courtesy of Freeimages.com.

Instead, I suggest that what some call a test from God is truly a trial that we’ve brought on ourselves due to one of two possibilities.

One is that before we were born, we worked with The Divine to decide what personal improvement we needed. That’s when we scheduled major life challenges to help us learn vital lessons, so we could grow, gain confidence and reside solidly in faith.

Some call this pre-destiny—an event that was arranged long ago—or fate. But the outcome, how we benefit from those struggles, are determined by how we face those trials.

A second reason we may find ourselves mired in misery is because when we forego faith and listen to our ego, that little voice that tells us we don’t need God, we are more important than everyone else or, conversely, that we are not worthy of divine attention.

Rest assured that the Most Divine provides us with enduring patience, support and unconditional love during our best, average and worst times.

I’ll address ego and the insidious ways it uses to distract us from our journey in next week’s post.