See last week’s post on “Handling the energies around you.”

Prevent intentional/unintentional energy vampires from impacting you

People may or may not know they’re draining you. Some are going through difficult times and all they see is that they feel better when they’re around you.

When you’re aware someone is siphoning your energy, imagine a bubble around you and your space, keeping your energy intact. To help those who don’t realize they’re doing this, ask the Universal Power to supply them with what they need to get through this chapter of their lives.

It’s also a good idea to be aware of how you are impacting others. When you experience a surge of positivity when you’re around someone specific, note how they’re feeling as well. Are they looking exhausted by the time you leave? Or do they remain peppy and happy? You may be feeding off of each other, complementing your energy levels or you may be draining them.

by Julia Freeman-Woolpert,

by Julia Freeman-Woolpert,

Dealing with psychic voyeurs

It’s not common to encounter brash people who have no qualms about trying to invade your mental space, but it can happen. Is there someone who, whenever they come near, makes you feel uncomfortable, almost violated, but you don’t know why? They could be trying to pry into your mind.

Protect yourself by implementing the mirror technique. Envision a mirrored surface that completely surrounds you horizontally and vertically, so that person’s attempts to tap into your thoughts are blocked and reflected back at them.

Handling negative people who don’t care about your well-being

When people are unkind, our automatic response may be to react badly. But doing so escalates a situation as negativity feeds on itself. Break that pattern by sending them heavenly love (see my post, “Returning Hatred with Kindness and Love”). Or if you prefer, silently repeat a mantra to them such as “Peace be with you” or “You are valued. You are a creation of God.”

While this person spews at you, stay calm and centered. As long as you’re strong in a place of serenity, your spirit can naturally repel their harshness. It’s when we allow fear or anger to well up inside of us, that our energy will be affected.

By practicing these techniques, you can maintain your own energy and still help those who need it.

What are some practices you use to contain or protect your space?