A few weeks ago, I wrote about protection from unseen entities, especially when investigating the paranormal. What I need more help with, though, is preserving my own energy from the people—both those I know and strangers—whom I encounter in my daily life.

If you are sensitive, chances are that you don’t like large groups. The bombardment of everyone’s individual field—even if it’s positive—can be overwhelming, and in these cases it’s important to erect a shield around you, whether you choose the white light exercise from my earlier post or the pink light technique I discuss below.

Helping those we love who are enduring difficult times

When our loved ones are mired in challenges, our first instinct is to help them by taking on their emotional load. But by assuming their darker energy, we’re not assisting them. We’re only harming ourselves as it can derail our own path and drain our energy. Everyone has their own journey and their own lessons. We cannot do it for others.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to assist them when they need it the most.

Be aware of the mental pictures you project (consciously or subconsciously) onto them. Are you unintentionally holding them back or purposefully helping them rise to their potential? When going through tough times, we tend to be too critical of ourselves. Help your loved one by sending thoughts of all the good qualities you value about them to counteract the negativity they perceive about themselves.

By Ear Candy, freeimages.com

By Ear Candy, freeimages.com

Pink light exercise

An approach I find helpful in bolstering dear ones (while preserving my own energy) is the pink light method, which allows me to send endless love and compassion. This heavenly rosy light serves as a conduit from the Most High to ourselves, replenishing energy and preventing negativity from penetrating the light and reaching us.

This is how to do it:

  • Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Imagine roots growing from your soles down into the innermost regions of the earth.
  • Set your hands on your lap or on a table, palms facing heavenward.
  • Breathe deeply three times. As you inhale, imagine you are taking in all the goodness of the world. As you exhale, push out any negativity you may be harboring and mentally see it leaving your body and your space.
  • Ask the Most Divine to send a column of sacred pink light down to you, encircling you and embedding into the ground. Note the swirling rosy glow extending high into the sky, but anchored to the Earth’s core. Know that nothing permeates this shield except those energies that originate from divine love.
  • Request the Supreme Being saturates you with sacred, heavenly love and to make you an instrument for sending adoration, support and insight to the person in need.
  • Imagine that person being drenched in love.

See next week’s post on how to deal with energy vampires, psychic voyeurs and unkind people.