Being too steeped in our physical domain is one of the greatest obstacles to strengthening our psychic abilities. When we’re mired in an earthly state, we erect a brick wall between ourselves and spirit messages and divine guidance.

In many ways, the material realm contrasts with the ethereal one. Our current existence requires us to focus on survival: earning an income to provide for shelter, sustenance and modern day necessities, and planning for us and our loved ones to stay safe and secure.

Since the ethereal sphere has no physicality, we need to switch our state of mind so we can better connect to inspiration, intuition and the spirits of those who’ve crossed over before us.

Ways the earthly realm differs from the ethereal one:

Physical Existence

  • Requires planning, analyzing and anticipating needs
  • Competition (in workplace, sports, personal) exists
  • Need to prove yourself and your worth
  • Fear can be a driver

Spiritual Existence

  • Living in the present
  • Connection to all
  • Being yourself
  • Love driven

Being steeped in daily challenges or concerned about our future makes it more difficult for us to temporarily put aside worries so we can successfully commune with the Universal Power, angels or spirits.

There are three practices that I’ve found helpful in developing my sixth sense:

  • It gives me time in silence and places me fully in the present moment where I have nothing to prove to anyone.
  • Dedicating time to the Great I Am, whether I’m singing hymns that I find especially touching or sitting quietly in gratitude for the remarkable life I lead.
  • Spending time alone in nature. Listening to the sounds of the wind, quail and other earthly creations, connects me to all existence.

Have you found an exercise or ritual that helps you to rid yourself of the physical and better connect with the spiritual?