I inwardly cringe when someone says something can’t happen. Then, I really bite my tongue when a person declares what others believe in (because they disagree with it) is stupid. Unfortunately, I see this happen a great deal in the paranormal community.

I’ve learned that anything is possible and it’s wrong to judge others just because our truths don’t include their realities.

My views are based on my experiences and lessons learned, and the resulting perceptions. Almost every time I’ve stated I’ll never believe something, my circumstances have changed, i.e. “ghosts can’t exist,” “psychics are con artists” or “coincidences are merely coincidences.” Our beliefs evolve when we encounter new situations.

We are individual creations of the Great I Am and our views are unique to ourselves. We’ve been given extraordinary lives to lead. Combine that with our cultural and spiritual backgrounds and it shapes how we view our world and comprehend our surroundings.

By Lisa Fanucchi, freeimages.com

When we think someone else’s opinions are ignorant, we discount their moments of discovery. For example, I don’t believe it’s common for energies to get stuck on earth, but it can occasionally occur. I have friends who believe it’s commonplace and those who say it can’t happen at all. It doesn’t matter that they see or don’t see life the same way I do.

We shouldn’t make the mistake of believing that we’re the only ones who’ve found the answers. We can’t be 100 percent sure that what we know is accurate. It’s part of the mystery of life and the survival of the consciousness beyond what we call death. Reality is so vast, we cannot fully grasp what’s definite and what isn’t. And, that’s okay.

Instead of demeaning people because our personal truths are different, let’s see their beliefs as proof of how large our universe is, how magical life is and how one day, when we’ve transitioned from the physical realm to the heavenly plane we’ll understand how limited our understanding on earth really was.