As a Christian who celebrates the mystery of the Great I Am, I know the paranormal will always remain intertwined with my spiritual beliefs because ghosts were a catalyst in my growth, helping me discard limiting ideas and revealing the vastness of the sacred.

Paranormal investigations opened my mind to the larger reality of the spirit realm

For me, participating in these activities gave me

  • An affirming glimpse into the afterlife
  • An understanding of the soul’s (or consciousness’) continued existence after physical death

Ghost hunting also helped me shed old fears and false interpretations about God and the Bible

  • Most spirits out there are not evil or negative
  • The Universal Power is not a vengeful deity waiting for us to stumble so we can be banished to hell
  • Possessing the divine gift of intuition isn’t bad; however, it does require discernment to be used for the highest good

Photo by Bob Smith,

Experiencing entities from the heavenly realm made me realize that the Supreme Being is involved in the life of each of us, and that we all possess various spiritual gifts [such as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing) and claircognizance (clear knowing)] to tap into divine energies for guidance on how to find or stay on our spiritual path or how we can best help others. Angels, our departed loved ones and designated spirits visit to encourage, protect and serve us.

Now, I’m able to more fully receive God’s love

As a child, I’d regularly experienced an outpouring of unconditional love from the heavens. But then my cynicism grew as I became an adult. When I joined a fear-filled church, I felt terror of the Most Divine because of my inability to be perfect.

Experiencing ghosts at the Goldfield Hotel helped me drop limiting beliefs and open my heart and mind to what’s possible through the Universal Power. I know I’m loved and God will provide any resources to help me through the darkest night. With a certainty, I’m convinced I’m never alone and assistance is always available.

My awareness of energies has grown

Through practice, I’ve learned to discern spirits so I know which ones I can listen to and which ones don’t serve my higher good (see my post “Develop Your Spirit Radar”). Before I started paranormal investigating, I was oblivious to the energies around me and how they affected me as an empath, allowing them to wreak havoc on my mood and my health without me realizing it.

I understand the Bible differently now

I read about wondrous works performed such as prophecy, healings and raising of the dead. About angels visiting our realm. I see the Holy Ghost as being the sacred energy that connects all life and fuels our intuitive and creative abilities.

Thanks to the paranormal, a frightening subject for many, I’ve been able to set aside my fears and lead a more affirming spiritual life.