Like me, you’ve probably spent some of your younger years stifling who you were in hopes that:

  • people would like you more,
  • they’d see themselves in you or
  • you would find your tribe, whether it was in school, church or the workplace.

Well, I’m over fitting in. I don’t want to pretend to be anyone else.

Photo by Kostas Kitsos,

We were never meant to fulfill others’ ideal of “normal.”

Let’s not lose sight of who we know we are—our eccentric interests, uncommon habits, sense of style and way of thinking that make each of us distinct. God has a special path for us that only we can take.

Let’s ditch uniformity, that urge to be like everyone else, and make individuality the rage. In the process, we’ll empower, nurture and love ourselves for who we really are.

5 signs you don’t fit in:

  • You aren’t swayed by peer pressure. You have a developed self-identity and honor living in a way that fulfills your vision.
  • You adhere to your moral compass. You follow your instincts and act in a way that you feel the best about yourself.
  • You love your unique qualities, interests and quirks. You tend to hang out with others who are different, who challenge convention.
  • You don’t need the crowd to endorse your actions, activities or thoughts. Outside of a small circle of loved ones who appreciate your eccentricities, you don’t need others’ approval.
  • When people flock to do something, you usually do the opposite. You find the latest trends boring. You’re more likely to seek out-of-the-ordinary activities.

Don’t be the person others want you to be.

Create yourself as your heart knows you should be and soar to new heights.