Whatever experiences you need to have, you will have regardless of the choices you have made.

Free will. That wonderful concept where The Most Divine gives us control over our life’s decisions. For years, I saw it as a double-edged sword: I wanted choice, but I worried if I made the wrong one, I would hamper my spiritual growth.

Today, I’m convinced that we won’t miss what we truly need on our journeys. Not because we are forced to, but because The Most Divine will eventually guide us to the decision we need to make.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all believe in free will, a pivotal concept that makes humans responsible for their decisions and actions. Without freedom of choice, we can’t “own” our lives. We must learn that our decisions have consequences.

The Great I Am never forces us to act in certain ways. But, if we make a wrong choice that threatens a major development in our personal growth, God will nudge us in the other direction and give us time to change our minds.

God gives us many chances to make the right choice.
Those of you who read “A Reluctant Spirit” may remember that when the opportunity came for me to spend the night at the haunted Goldfield Hotel in Central Nevada, I didn’t want to go. It wasn’t a “Not this time,” kind of response, but an internal “Hell no!” decision. Why? Because I

  • didn’t believe in ghosts,
  • was chronically ill and had little energy, and
  • was terrified that the paranormal existed and I didn’t want to experience it.

My 12 hours in the hotel were the most meaningful and insightful in my life. I’m so glad that the Universal Power didn’t give up on me, regardless of me repeatedly turning that opportunity down. Here’s what transpired:

  • After I received the KTVN media request, Janice Oberding arranged for their small group to spend the night in the Goldfield Hotel. She suggested I go. I told her, “No. I have nothing to contribute.”
  • Bill Brown, anchor at a local CBS affiliate, had one open spot for the investigation and invited me to join them. I declined, telling him that I wasn’t an investigator and couldn’t contribute to the story.
  • He responded that he could use an impartial observer and that would be my role.
  • I told Bill that I’d have to check with my boss as he probably wouldn’t want me out of the office for three days straight.
  • My boss didn’t agree. He said, “You need to go. This IS your job.” My Achilles heel is authority. I’d always obeyed superiors (except for a few teenage indiscretions) and I’d loved my job. I didn’t want to put it in jeopardy.

I contacted Bill and told him I would go. The Universal Power played its hand well. I used my free will to say no not once but several times until the stakes were raised and I gave in.

While God respected my free will, it kept upping the stakes. If I’d said no to my boss, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Supreme Being would’ve found another way to give me a chance to go. This pivotal part of my life had to happen, and even if I had to go in circles until it did—it would happen.

Our previous actions prepare us for watershed events.
That night was paramount to the startling new direction my life would take. After I’d processed everything that had happened in the Goldfield Hotel, I realized that many of my experiences had prepared me for that one night. Yes, I probably chose the wrong path here and there, but by the time Goldfield happened to me, I had acquired the experiences I’d needed to be ready for it.

Now, I know with a certainty that although I will make detours on my spiritual path, I will still eventually get back to where I need to be. God does not want us to miss pivotal life experiences.

So, make decisions with your heart and then pay attention if those decisions keep getting revisited as the stakes get higher. A heavenly hand points you in the direction you need to take.