Love—the ultimate super power—dwells in each of us. We create this powerful energy every time we think of those most special to us. With each adoring thought, we transmit emotional, physical and mental healing to the object of our affection.

Allowing love to do its magic.
However, since we possess free will, we must consciously allow others’ love to live inside of us to encourage us on our daily journeys. Love transforms us if we give it the space to dwell within us. Without welcoming it into our being, we block its benefits.

I bring this up, because I’ve been shown that I don’t permit those healing missives to permeate my being. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Do you make a conscious effort to absorb the love sent to you? Or do you dismiss it?

Most of us rush to work and go about daily tasks until we are depleted, and we don’t spend time to bolster our wellbeing. Or perhaps, we don’t feel worthy of accepting other’s love for us. Regardless of the reason, we do an injustice to our souls to not be aware of and accept this most precious gift.

We are all loved, even when we feel unlovable. Family, friends, pets—both alive and those who’ve crossed over—send adoration to us. Most importantly, God loves us unconditionally. Think of these entities as your love sources.

When passionate love is fresh, we drink it in. We can’t get enough of it. It makes us starry-eyed and see the best in everything. Though once it has been in our lives for a while, we can take it for granted and stop tapping into its strength. We know on some level it is there, but since it isn’t in the forefront, we don’t appreciate it as much.

Why accepting love can change your life.
Love vibrates higher (at 528 MHz, according to Deepak Chopra) than almost all other energies. By focusing on its sensation, we can raise our overall vibration, giving us the power to:

  • Heal physically, emotionally and spiritually,
  • Accept who we are,
  • Forgive others and
  • See the world in a more positive light.

Allow, welcome and accept: An exercise to invite more love into your being
While meditating, I was given this exercise to use in my daily life. I invite you to join me.

  • Sit in the quiet, uncrossing your legs and arms. This allows the energy to flow through you more easily. I like to face my palms upward while the backs of my hands rest on my knees.
  • Think of a partner, friend, family member or pet that you love dearly. They do not need to live on our earthly plane. God, the source of all love, never shuts us off from receiving the love you share with your crossed over cherished ones.
  • Feel the love you have for that person/animal.
  • Recognize their love for you.
  • Allow yourself to feel it and welcome it into your mind, body and spirit.
  • Focus on this sensation and experience their love for you in your heart.
  • Sit with it.
  • Accept this love gift and send a silent thank you to that individual.

This exercise also works well by focusing on The Great I Am’s unconditional love for us.

Let’s let love work wonders in our lives.