While working with a healer, I was told I had a strong, one-way attachment to an acquaintance who was siphoning my energy. While the practitioner did some work to lessen the cord’s connection, she said it was something I needed to work on. My energy level was low, leaving me weak, and this was contributing to my ill health.

Healthy cords provide a balance of give and take, and won’t deplete you. They offer an exchange of energy and love, or they help us grow into our spiritual potential. Cords connect us to people and animals we interact with, past important events in our lives, our ancestors, spiritual guides and more. I suspect these cords also help us better connect to our intuitive abilities.

Keeping an unbalanced, one-sided cord hurts our overall well-being. It doesn’t help the vampire, either, as it prevents them from growing and learning how to manage their own energy.

How to recognize an energy vampire

None of us benefit from someone zapping our energy. While some offenders knowingly engage in this activity, others do it without realizing it. Regardless, the consequences are the same and it makes sense to become aware of the signs.

Energy vampires:

  • Always turn the conversation to themselves (everything is about them);
  • Tend to be negative in overall outlook with a consistent Poor Me attitude;
  • Leave you drained emotionally and physically after you spend time with them; and
  • Rarely give back emotional support.

Cut the energy cord

While I’d known and experienced energy vampires before, the idea of one attached to me and depleting my body’s precious energetic resources, concerned me greatly. To learn how to tackle this challenge, I prayed and meditated to The Most Divine.

This is the exercise I was guided to do:

  1. Sit in the quiet.
  2. Pray to the Universal Power (whoever you pray to) to saturate every cell in your body with Divine love.
  3. Allow yourself to feel this unconditional love. Imagine it tingling through your body.
  4. Ask for assistance in clearing this unbalanced cord.
  5. Imagine a pure, bright white light descending onto you from the heavens: feel it on top of your head, sinking into your brain, through your face, into your shoulders and throughout your entire body. Visualize yourself enveloped in white light.
  6. Ask for the draining cord to be discovered and ask for that cord to be severed. Feel it disconnect from you.
  7. Request that Divine light, love and guidance be given to the person who established the cord, so that person may grow and become happier in their existence.
  8. Imagine that you are being refilled with positive, healing energy restoring it to its levels before you were depleted.
  9. Have faith in the Higher Power that the cord has been removed.

For a while, you may need to do this on a regular basis—even every day at first. The person relying on your energy will feel it is gone and will work to reestablish that cord.

Also, each time you think of that person, you unwittingly reconnect the cord. When you catch yourself doing this, repeat the cutting cord process. By creating an awareness of what is happening in your body energetically, you can quickly detach it.

Let’s retain all we need for our optimal wellbeing.

Photo courtesy of Freestock.com.