Learn how to stop the cycle of hate in its tracks.

We live in difficult times. Covid. The Ukrainian invasion. Inflation. Unfortunately, the stress of these uncertain times has led to an escalation in hate. Hate, which arises out of fear, leads to division.

Hatred serves no positive purpose
Some see hate as an outlet to let off steam, but, in truth, it’s destructive whether you keep it locked inside or express it. At best, it generates stagnate lower energy or, worse, it escalates into violence. It’s unproductive, never benefitting anyone.


  • Roots within one’s insecurities and perceived personal failures, creating inner turmoil that leads to a personal hell.
  • Tries to erect a barrier against love and prevents one from living the fullest life possible.
  • Builds upon itself, creating an ever-growing circle. Those in its grips inflict their venomous energies to others. Hate infects others and feeds off of each other’s misery.
  • Makes a person more vulnerable to disease by weakening their immune system, according to the Journal of Medicine and Life.

Why does hatred exist?
When life doesn’t go as we planned, it’s easy to blame others. That blame fuels anger, which in turn can build to hatred. One who hates seeks out scapegoats to inflict and spread their misery.

The people who most likely hurt us, do so because they were hurt. A common reaction is for us to return that harmful energy to the person hurting us. By allowing people to provoke us, we feed their negative internal dialog and reinforce their bad behavior. The challenge is to avoid going into automatic hate mode when someone treats us badly. By stopping our negative response, we can mitigate hatred’s contagious cycle.

Let’s end hate by sending healing love
The only way to stop its momentum is to become aware of others’ negativity and return their nastiness with love and empathy. Only love can disable hate, but it takes time and persistence.

When you meet someone mired in this unproductive emotion, ask the Most Divine for help. Request to be made a vessel for sending divine healing love to that spiteful individual. When you love that person long enough, you’ll begin to see their humanity. Your love will eventually disarm them, allowing them to more easily rid themselves of their agonizing thoughts and beliefs.

Here’s an example of the power of love. Years back, I was a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, a syndicated radio program aired throughout North America. An hour before my interview even began, my inbox had more than 100 new emails! One was from a Christian, who told me I was going to hell. He used a bunch of awful words to describe me (evil was just one of them). This was before he even heard me speak! Since this show has millions of listeners, I was already on edge about doing the interview and I really didn’t need his negativity.

In spite of my stress level, I had the presence of heart to not return his hatred. Instead, I emailed him back and told him I respected his views, but that I respectfully disagreed. I prayed to the Lord to fill me with divine love and to allow me to flood this man with that love. Before the show, we exchanged three more emails: his next one was just as nasty, but the rest of his were not quite as inflamed as the first two. I continued to send him love and reply to his emails with respect and kindness. After the show, he emailed me one last time. It was a sincere apology filled with kindness.

Being righteous about your hatred is a delusion
Righteous hatred—having moral reasons to judge and abhor someone else—is a waste of energy. By placing yourself above those you judge immoral, you send negativity to that person, escalating a bad situation.

Righteous hatred never brings about positive change; it just generates more pain. Hate—a product of the ego and individual free will—is incompatible with God. The source of unconditional love, God is incapable of hate. So, don’t think God is on your side when you hate someone in The Most Divine’s name.

Let’s show hate that love will prevail. That we will persist on a higher level and seek to give aid to those stuck in their personal hells.

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