During “Attract Positive Energy,” a recent class I taught at the local community college, one student asked me what being a Mystical Christian means. As my beliefs are deeply rooted in my heart, I had some difficulty expressing it into words.

What is mysticism? For me, it’s the desire to directly spend time with the Supreme Being. I’ve been blessed to feel the sacredness of unconditional love; to open myself to divine guidance; and to strive to live as much as I can in light and love.

Matthew Fox, a Christian mystic and former Catholic priest, noted that Dorothee Soelle defined mysticism as the “certainty that nothing can separate us from the love of God.” For me, this certainty helps me lead a life without fear.

Why am I Christian?
I consider myself a Christian mystic in that my love for Christ fuels my soul. His lifestyle, which reinforced His teachings of love and respect for others drives my day-to-day life.

During a local radio interview eight years ago, the show’s host asked me how I could consider myself a mystic when I worship an intermediary between me and God: Jesus Christ. I replied that Jesus was the human manifestation of God, not separate from God.

For me, the Holy Trinity is comprised of different aspects of the Most Divine.

  • Christ is God in physical human form. God came to Earth as Jesus to experience the realities of life on this planet, showing us how we should live our lives.
  • The Holy Spirit is God speaking with us and working through us. Its sacred gift of intuition guides us on our physical and spiritual journeys.
  • God is the creator and source of all love. God orchestrates events and people in our lives to help us grow into who we are supposed to be.

I see humanity reflected in this Holy Trinity, as each of us needs to nurture and respect our own body, spirit and heart.

No matter which denomination I’d belonged to, I’ve always had my most meaningful spiritual moments outside of congregations: out in nature—God’s true cathedral—or immersing myself in silence while expressing my openness to receive sacred communication.

My beliefs evolve as my relationship with God deepens. My time dedicated to the Most Divine is precious to me; it’s not an obligation or something I do out of fear of punishment.

What mysticism has done for me.
My spiritual quest is a journey of my heart. To expand myself in love, no matter how difficult life becomes. I’ve learned to respect others as we were all created through God’s divine spark. The more I grow, the more I marvel how vast the mystery of God truly is.

I respect all journeys. I don’t expect anyone to believe as I do, so I’m not threatened by those who believe differently. I acknowledge that the Most Divine created us as individuals and we all have our own unique purpose to sharing this planet together.

Anyone can be a mystic.
Everyone has direct access to The Most Loving and Its adoration no matter our beliefs, cultural background, sexuality or political leanings. God created each of us for a reason; God believes in you. God believes in all of us.

We all have access to spiritual tools to strengthen our relationship with The Most Divine: prayer, meditation, listening to and acting on our intuition, and practicing gratitude. Read sacred texts that speak to your soul and bring you closer to the Most Loving.

The more we make time for this most important of relationships, the happier and more empowered we will be.