History matters when investigating the paranormal

For me, the ideal ghost hunting team is comprised of at least three specialists: a technological expert adept at using investigative equipment and knowledgeable enough to detect false positives; an intuitive/psychic/sensitive who can detect energies and pick up spirit communication; and a historian, one who’s researched the site and can guide an investigation. Reasons historians [...]

Nevada Paranormal Series offers variety to ghost enthusiasts, amateur historians and more

Hi Everyone~ The Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series starts in about two weeks. If you live close to northern Nevada, check out our classes! The Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, in its 13th year, expands its appeal this September with a number of new historical courses in a nod to the state’s 150th anniversary. Twelve courses [...]

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Never Lose Faith

In 2000 and 2001, doctors from the Mayo Clinic and Stanford Medical Center told me I suffered from permanent nerve damage and would never recover. Their advice to me: Stop pushing yourself and accept that you’ll never live the life you want. Despite this, a voice buried deeply within me urged me not to give [...]

A real-life example of “God works in mysterious ways”

God orchestrates everything in our lives. Last fall, I encountered yet another instance: one that defied all logic. A charming woman (I’ll call her Ada), very well-known among Western U.S. ghost hunters, was recovering in a rehabilitation center from a bad fall. About to be released to her rural home, she sank into depression, worrying [...]

Psychic validation is priceless

The first spring-like Saturday this year, Ken and I traversed dirt roads to an old mining district northeast of Reno called Nightingale. Not many buildings remain here: the concrete foundations of the mill and one tenuous wooden building. The excavated landscape is pocked with mine tunnels, deep ominous shafts and huge manmade caves where tungsten [...]

Kathleen’s Upcoming Events

Meet Kathleen at one of these upcoming events!   Sat., April 26   Virginia City, Nevada Authors and Artists Event Join Kathleen as well as other Nevada authors and artists from 1 to 5 p.m. in the historic St.Paul's Episcopal Church in Virginia City (near St. Mary's Catholic Church). I'll be selling and signing books. This [...]