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The Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series starts in about two weeks. If you live close to northern Nevada, check out our classes!

The Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, in its 13th year, expands its appeal this September with a number of new historical courses in a nod to the state’s 150th anniversary. Twelve courses on the paranormal, psychic abilities, history and cultural views of the afterlife are scheduled throughout September and October.

Four short, lively classes highlight Nevada’s unique heritage.

  • Virginia City as It Really Was takes participants back in time, to gain a realistic sense of the sights, sounds and smells of this boomtown in its heyday. Sept. 6
  • Cemeteries and Tombstones Tour: The Comstock gives students an opportunity to walk the Gold Hill, Silver City and Virginia City graveyards to learn how headstone art, symbols, shapes and materials reveal personal information about the deceased. Sept. 13
  • Nevada’s Quirkiest Historical Facts sheds light on off-beat occurrences and uniquely Nevada tidbits. Oct. 18
  • Virginia City Midnight Walking Tour/Ghost Hunt is a fun way to learn about the city’s history and ghost stories, while adding a bit of paranormal investigation to the mix. Oct. 4.

“Almost half of American adults believe in the paranormal. We offer a nonjudgmental atmosphere for those interested in these topics so they can explore different ideas and come up with their own truths about the afterlife,” said Kathleen Berry, series manager. Last year, 125 people from northern Nevada and the Eastern Sierra took part in these Washoe Community Education classes.

Ghost hunting topics are the most likely to sell out in advance. This fall, Ghost Hunting 101 will be in downtown Reno’s Brüka Theatre on Sept. 20. Amateur paranormal investigators will be introduced to investigative techniques and learn why skepticism is important. After the lecture, they’ll put their new knowledge to use during a hunt at the theater. The Fourth Ward School Ghost Hunt Field Trip, slated for Oct. 25, will let enthusiasts explore this historic building at night. Also on Oct. 25th, technology specialists for the San Francisco Ghost Society will share Document That Spirit: Equipment Tips for Success to help students optimize their equipment’s ability to capture tangible evidence, while learning to avoid false positives. A class will also be held on Ouija Board superstitions.

Native American Spirituality in a Modern World delves into traditions, practices and beliefs in a general way. Participants will gain insight into what it means to be a Native American living in a modern world, while still preserving Native American culture. In addition, discuss afterlife beliefs including coexisting with spirits, learning to read nature’s signs and aligning oneself with the universe. 

And, don’t forget our psychic development classes. This year, the series presents Psychic Protection, Spirit Communication and Remote Viewing.

Many courses will sale-out. Register here!