Like other Christians, there have been times when I felt spiritually assaulted by the dark side. And, although it’s only happened a handful of times, it usually occurs when I’m on the cusp of an enlightening breakthrough.

I’ve pondered how God, who loves us unconditionally, would allow Satan and other negative energies to prey on us.

One day, through meditation and prayer, the answer became clear: I’m the one allowing the Dark Side to wage spiritual warfare on me. I’d unwittingly invited it in when, with my behavior, attitude and actions, I wallowed in self-doubt, pity and the attitude that my life stank. By focusing on my shortcomings, comparing my life to those who I thought had it better or questioning my strengths and path, I’d made way for negative energies to enter my life.

These episodes occurred because I’d temporarily lost sight of God (and I suspect, I feared I wasn’t worthy of a spiritual breakthrough). And, I’m not unusual. Who hasn’t felt sorry for themselves when they are overly stressed or facing monumental challenges? Bad times happen to everyone. That’s life. That’s growth. The occasional abysses we face aren’t necessarily our faults.

Opt to live in the positive

But we must realize our actions and thoughts have consequences. And, since we possess free will and choose to live in negativity, the Most Divine doesn’t interfere. We can control our response to these trying situations.

So when life seems bleak, look inward and upward, then consider these questions:

  • Have I spent more time in the light than the dark or am I fueling my personal darkness?
  • Have I relinquished my fear, pain, guilt, shame to the Great I Am and asked for guidance?

Darkness is necessary

To rise above the negative, we must strike a balance. By acknowledging the dark instead of dwelling there, we can spend more time in the light. At the same time, darkness is necessary. It’s those low times when we are molded. Where we learn. Where we grow to trust the Most Divine. We just can’t dig in and allow ourselves to stay mired there too long.

So, move forward. When you realize you are in a dark place, ask for divine protection and assistance. Pray for a change in outlook. One of life’s biggest challenges is learning to navigate through the dark to the light. Everyone has different issues, different challenges. Right your mindset, even if you can’t control your situation. Love God and accept the adoration the Most Divine bestows upon you.

You are important. You are valued. But it is up to you to ask for help, to monitor your response and to seek out the light. Ask and you shall receive.