Janice Oberding helped me see life and the afterlife differently. She is an amazing person and friend, and I’m thrilled to have her write this week’s post. Enjoy!

When Kathy asked me to write a guest blog about my favorite paranormal experience, I readily agreed. Kathy is a good friend whose blog, “God, Ghosts and Gut Instincts” is one that I always enjoy and learn from. I am honored to share with you (Kathy’s readers,) my favorite paranormal experience which is actually a childhood experience that left a lasting impression on me.

I’m not entirely convinced that guardian angels exist, although I have encountered what appeared to be just such a being. It could have been from another time possibly, another dimension, or perhaps even a caring ghost, I don’t know.

It happened years ago and I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday. During recess, I was standing by myself on the elementary school playground. As I watched the fog roll in from the bay, I shivered, wishing I’d taken the sweater my grandmother had urged on me earlier.

Suddenly I was enveloped by a comforting floral aroma like none I was familiar with. Not roses, lilacs, gardenias, or lilies. While the fragrance wasn’t as overwhelming as perfume, it was pronounced.  As glowing warmth encircled me I realized this was something out of the ordinary, but nothing to fear.

What could I do but ask, “Who are you?”

“Angel…now please…stay here.” The voice was androgynous.

“Angel is a boy in my class and you’re not him.” I laughed, skipping toward the ball field. Bad timing; at that moment I was struck in the forehead by a softball. And I was on the ground and seeing stars. Teachers came running. Are you okay? Are you okay?

I was. If I were dead we’d all been transported to a heaven, or hell, that looked exactly like the Noche Buena Elementary School playground. Struggling to sit up I noticed the hazy figure that seemed to be shaking its head, hovering nearby. Angel.

“I should have stayed like you told me.” I said.

“What’s that? Janice, are you alright?” My teacher asked.


As soon as I said the word yes, Angel was gone. Although I have never again experienced spoken words of warning, I have been enveloped by the glowing warmth and the now familiar fragrance a number of times in my life. And I smile, knowing it is Angel.

So what is/was Angel? I honestly don’t know.  But clearly, there is more to life, and death, than we realize.