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What being a Mystical Christian means to me

During “Attract Positive Energy,” a recent class I taught at the local community college, one student asked me what being a Mystical Christian means. As my beliefs are deeply rooted in my heart, I had some difficulty expressing it into words. What is mysticism? For me, it’s the desire to directly spend time with [...]

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Our purpose: to live in love

I would’ve made a lousy hippie. “All You Need is Love,” is a fine Beatles song, but I’d always found it a bit Pollyanna. That was until I spent the night in the closed down Goldfield Hotel (read A Reluctant Spirit). In the emotional aftermath of that event, I experienced mind-blowing, unconditional love from [...]

I’m highly imperfect, but I don’t have to berate myself for it

I routinely disappoint myself. After all the lessons I’ve learned and the blessings I’ve received, I should be better at heeding my own advice in a consistent manner. But I’m human and so I’m flawed. To move on, I need to accept my “human-ness.” A while back I contracted a strange virus. No cold or [...]

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