Death transitions us to our purest self

Death is not a cessation, but a return to the state we were in before we had a body. The textures of our existence change without the fetters of a physical shell, but we survive that transition. Don’t fear death American culture has made death scary, an abrupt end to existence. My experience with [...]

After effects: Paranormal encounters vs. near death experiences (NDEs)

While recently conducting research for a potential post, a fresh realization struck me: The after effects of people who had NDEs are similar to those I experienced after encountering the spirits of the Goldfield Hotel in central Nevada. Perhaps facing the paranormal altered my consciousness in a similar way, a navigation that showed me we [...]

The most precious gift

My footfalls on the drab linoleum echo against the institutional, cream-colored walls. Don’t let me be too late. I pause outside the darkened room to compose myself. Family sit in chairs huddled around the hospital bed. My eyes haven’t adjusted so I can’t see her, but I hear labored breathing. Ruby’s still alive. I’ve never [...]

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