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Register for the 2016 Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series today!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been involved in the coordination of the college’s supernatural program for 15 years! As usual, you can select from a variety of investigative, spiritual, intuitive development and history classes this September and October in Reno, Virginia City and Carson City, Nevada. Kathleen to present “Attracting Positive Energies” on Wed., Sept. [...]

Kathleen’s Upcoming Events

Meet Kathleen at one of these upcoming events!   Sat., April 26   Virginia City, Nevada Authors and Artists Event Join Kathleen as well as other Nevada authors and artists from 1 to 5 p.m. in the historic St.Paul's Episcopal Church in Virginia City (near St. Mary's Catholic Church). I'll be selling and signing books. This [...]

The 5 best accessible haunted buildings near Reno, Part I

A great number of haunted sites litter the greater Reno area. Some attribute the wealth of supernatural activity here to the region’s rich mining and Wild West heritage. The problem is few of these places are open to the public. Here are five paranormally active sites—where I’ve encountered ghosts—that you can easily visit. Cal Neva [...]

En“light”ened ghosts of St. Mary’s Arts Center, Virginia City

St. Mary’s Arts Center, the former hospital and orphanage for the 1870s’ silver boom town of Virginia City,  Nevada, isn’t the most haunted place I’ve visited, but it’s still quite active. A passerby may mistake this three-story, red brick building as a large, stately mansion with its long driveway lined by parched, thin trees. A [...]

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Not all ghosts have a sense of humor

Happy Halloween! In honor of this day, I thought I’d share a real-life ghost story that I witnessed just four weeks ago. Our investigative team wanders the third floor of the Millionaire’s Club, a once exclusive establishment in the late 1800s in Virginia City, Nevada. Housed on the two floors above the Old Washoe Club, [...]

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Dancing with the ghosts

Recently, I participated in my second investigation of the Old Washoe Club/Millionaire’s Club in Virginia City, Nevada. Read my post “Inside Moon” about my 2008 visit there. In the late 1800’s, the upper stories of the Washoe housed the exclusive Millionaire’s Club—a bastion of the Comstock Lode’s rich and influential—where power deals had been forged [...]

Inside moon: Virginia City’s Millionaire’s Club

In 2008, I again joined KTVN’s paranormal investigative team in Virginia City, Nevada, which is touted as one of the country’s most haunted cities. Our mission was to visit the decrepit Millionaire’s Club, perched atop the Old Washoe Club. Elite decadence reigned here. 1875. A high-class brothel. Casino. The dark politics of power reigned as [...]

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