This week I’m pleased to introduce my guest blogger Debra Robinson, author of the recently released, “A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of a Reluctant Psychic.” Her book resonated with me as she brings a Christian perspective to this subject.

I had a temper when I was young, but I learned to control this darkness within myself, as we must all eventually learn to do. As I grew older, I developed my true personality; laid back, artistic, and basically peaceful. My profession was music, so this fit me well. Happily creating melodies and lyrics in their most pleasing order suited me, and artistic or intellectual pursuits were my favorites. As I grew older, when someone thwarted my plans, a “live and let live” attitude prevailed, in lieu of retaliation. I’d taught my only child, James, the same thing; do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I’d believed we’re only here for a short time, and our duty was to live in peace, as much as possible, with our fellow man.

And then my son James, on his way home on a motorcycle, was hit by a woman who cut into his lane. She was the mother of James’s best friend in high school. She was also drunk, three times the legal limit, had a bag of pot with her—and was old enough to know better. Witnesses reported she sat popping gum to kill the alcohol smell, while my son cried and curled into a fetal position on the road with no one to comfort him. He lived for four more days, never waking, and the old rage I’d carried around as a child blossomed into life again, nearly consuming me.

In retrospect, something seemed to set up all that had led to this devastating event, and all that followed it. My belief that I was responsible consumed me, having been given “extraordinary gifts” by God. I’d run from His gifts, misused them, even becoming a professional psychic. I allowed evil to enter my life.

A series of “coincidences” that couldn’t possibly be coincidence, led to James’s death. This convinced me we are involved in an epic battle between good and evil. The final “coincidence” put me behind the wheel of a two thousand pound vehicle, when the woman who’d killed my baby stepped out in front of me. My rage eclipsed my reason, and I decided to kill her. I crept along five feet behind, until she was almost at her gate. And then my son’s face appeared in my mind’s eye, and he spoke. “It’s all good, mom,” his favorite phrase. It stopped me when nothing else could’ve. God was with me then. I trust He will be again when I am “set up” to choose between The Light and the darkness that exists within us all.

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