Determining why a spirit is visiting and whether you want it around.

Most of us are so busy we don’t realize we are surrounded by energies encouraging us to grow and succeed. I know my crossed-over loved ones, guardian angels (or spirit guides) and other divine emissaries cross my path every day. And that comforts me.

However, it’s important to understand what energies are around us in deciding if we want to allow them to occasionally hang around or if we should send them back to where they belong.

Why do spirits visit our realm?

Once rid of our physical shells, our souls will be free to travel anywhere we please. Just think, if you had the ultimate luxury of traveling anywhere at any time, where would you go?

  • To visit those important to us
  • To the places where you had great memories
  • To the locations you’d always wanted to see

Departed loved ones use familiar activities to announce themselves

Perhaps you may experience a spirit

  • touching you in a way that only they once did (one friend’s departed husband pulled her toes at night, like he’d do when he was alive).
  • leaving EVPs in your voice mail or show up in photos of important occasions.
  • difusing specific scents or odors associated with their earthly life.
  • visiting you in your dreams. (Visitation dreams tend to stand out as vivid and more life-like, incorporating colors and engaging your senses.)
  • speaking to you. (Another friend, upon backing up her car at a shopping center, heard her deceased father yell, “Stop.” But instead of halting her automobile, she continued backing up when a passing car hit hers.)
  • triggering the strong emotion of love.

Picking up spirit strangers

This photo is purported to be the Shaman ghost that haunts the Cal Neva Resort's Showroom.

This photo is purported to be the Shaman ghost that haunts the Cal Neva Resort’s Showroom.











It’s also possible to pick up unfamiliar spirits, ones we’d never dealt with when they were bodied. How can this happen?

  • They may encounter us when we’re away from home, like our energies and return with us.
  • They may be attached to antiques you bring into your home. (See my post “Antiques Hitchhikers”)
  • They may have been unintentionally invited in through residents (past or present) using a Ouija Board or practicing occult rites. (See my post “Seeking Answers”)

Determine whether it’s welcome to stay

Pray to God (in the way you are comfortable praying) and ask for heavenly light to surround and protect you from harm. Then meditate and focus on the spirit—ask it who it is and why it is there. Pay attention to the emotions you feel, the words that pop into your mind, or fleeting, yet overpowering scents.

Next week’s post discusses what to do if you have a spirit you want to leave or suspect it is stuck and needs to be guided to the light.