Thanks to regular reader ElizaBeth for suggesting this topic.

When it comes to hauntings, I usually think of souls who haven’t crossed over to the light. While many energies travel easily between realms, there are some who I believe are confused or afraid to move on.

You may not think that you need to consider how to help a spirit, but if you are involved in paranormal investigating, it is important that you know some basics.

How do spirits get stuck?

There are two primary reasons:

  • They suffered a sudden or tragic death ~ spirits may not have realized what happened to them and may not know they need to go to God’s light.
  • They fear meeting their Maker ~ depending on one’s religious beliefs, some energies fear travelling to the next realm and being judged for the moral mistakes they made while living.

How can you help someone go to the Other Side?

First, look out for yourself by asking God to surround you and protect you with heavenly light. Psychic Pamela Heath also recommends that you visualize a gold cord from your core to the center of the earth to ground you, and a silver cord that connects the top of your head to the highest heavens. After you’ve taken care of yourself, you can try one of these methods to assist the spirit.

  • Ask Archangel Michael to help the spirit ascend.
  • Talk (in your head or aloud) to the spirit to explain that it doesn’t live there anymore and that it will find help and understanding when it reaches the light.
  • It’s best not to tell a spirit it is dead—I’ve had numerous people tell me they’ve had spirits react badly to being told they’ve died.
  • If you believe one of your loved ones hasn’t ascended to the light, explain to them that once they do, they can always return to visit.
  • Smudge (smolder white sage in a heat-safe bowl) your home. With all the windows and outside doors closed, fan the smoke around windows and interior/exterior doors and say a prayer that has personal spiritual significance to you. For me, it’s The Lord’s Prayer, and then I proclaim: “In the name of Jesus, leave now and go to the light.”

What if it still won’t go?

            If you are still encountering this entity, get help immediately. Contact a clergy person, medium or psychic who is experienced at sending energies where they belong.

Have you had an experience where you needed to help a spirit cross over? If so, how did you handle it?