Anyone who’s read “A Reluctant Spirit” or my blog knows I’m a proponent of respectful, kind and fun interaction with the spirit world. I believe it’s counterproductive at best to engage energies in a negative manner, and at the worst, it can be dangerous.

While I believe God protects us from evil, I also think that if we intentionally provoke the dark side, we invite trouble into our lives. I’ve heard of people who’ve brought home unfriendly entities, endured spirit attachments (that have impacted their health) and, on rare occurrences, have suffered bodily injury.

Here are four reasons why I believe provoking ghosts is a bad idea: 

It shows a lack of respect

Humans react badly to being treated poorly. Why would the spirit world be any different?  When we encounter other people, are we nicer to those who speak kindly to us or those who yell obscenities at us or demand we obey them? Personally, I won’t interact with jerks. But, if they really tick me off, they won’t like my response. Don’t anger something we can’t see! 

It generates its own negative energy

Good or bad, everything we do creates a vibration. According to some Jewish thought, we manifest energy through our actions and that energy exists well after we are no longer around. (For more on this concept, see my post, “Does Evil Exist”). The last thing Earth needs is more hostility.

It attracts similar, negative energies to us

Just as obnoxious behavior shows a lack of respect, I believe if we exude kindness and an upbeat attitude, we are more likely to foster those same feelings in the universe, bringing around spirits that share the same “state of mind.” If we’re nasty, guess what will find us?

Rudeness may discourage spirits from assisting us

Energies we encounter are not always tied to a location—they may be around to help us with a personal situation. When paranormal investigators create a miserable atmosphere, they may make those spirits less inclined to be of service.

As with our everyday dealings, we should interact with others kindly and respectfully, whether or not they have a body.