When I realize I’m stuck in a rut, I seek any clue to lift me out of it and propel me onward. Many times, I’m afraid I won’t be paying enough attention and an important opportunity will pass me by.

But it won’t.

If we are open to change and growth (and even sometimes when we’re not), we’ll know when to select a new track in life. Why? Because the Most Divine wants us to succeed and what God desires will happen.

Think of the most amazing turns of fate you’ve experienced. Was there any way you could have missed them? Probably not. It was likely obvious.

When I recollect the great new directions I’ve taken in my life, I see the role people played in pushing me into them. In a way, they acted as God’s messengers nudging me to move in ways I was reluctant to. Whether it was a change in my career or writing my memoir, people were always there to encourage me to take a risk.

The night spent in this shuttered hotel changed my life.

The Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada. 2007

My most radical life shift resulted from spending the night in the Goldfield Hotel. And, God had his hands full getting me there! First, our paranormal instructors urged me to go. Then, the reporter in charge of the story asked me to be on the team. But I still wouldn’t have gone (some say I’m a bit stubborn) if it hadn’t been for my boss telling me to go!

In that situation I’d dug in epically—I had to be forced into it. I’d allowed the fear to take hold that that night would escalate my health problems. I was also conflicted—while logic told me the paranormal didn’t exist, I dreaded the possibility it might and that I may encounter it. But it didn’t matter. The Great I Am knew I’d benefit from the experience, so it happened.

Have faith that you won’t miss your ship sailing into port. If you’re supposed to greet it, you’ll be on the dock.