During long periods of my childhood, I didn’t have many friends. At that point, I didn’t understand that it was because I wouldn’t conform to what others were doing, acting or saying.

While I didn’t have insight into who I truly was at such a young age, I still followed an inner compass that guided my actions. In addition, I received divine visits, where I believe God drenched me in unconditional love. And, to demonstrate my thankfulness for that amazing blessing, I behaved the best I could. I wanted the Great I Am to be proud of me.

Kathleen in 1975 in Carson City, Nevada.

Kathleen in 1975 in Carson City, Nevada.

As I matured into a gawky teen with braces, I became cynical and logical enough that my heavenly meet-ups ceased. But I still acted in a way (at least most times—after all I was a teenager) that honored me, even if others didn’t think I was cool. I was labeled Goody Two-Shoes, prude, Goat Lady (I walked my goat on a leash through the neighborhood) and more in high school.

I ignored advice to wear hot pants to try-out for the song-leading squad (similar to cheerleading, but more dance-oriented) in high school. Yes, I looked odd wearing long, billowy old lady shorts. And, of course, I didn’t receive enough student votes to win. But I wanted the victory to come from my ability, not by how much skin I exposed. A year later, I became the leader of the high school’s dance drill team partially based on my high talent scores during that tryout that was judged by adults.

Today, I still adhere to what my heart tells me and I defiantly ignore what society says I should wear, participate in or how I should behave. I wear nylons (gasp!) because I feel more polished in them. Fashionistas will never dictate my style. I don’t repost trendy Facebook entries. And, I really dislike reality TV.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow the masses if that’s what your heart pushes you to do. Just don’t lose yourself by trying to fit in or fulfilling others’ expectations of you. By doing that, you’re cheating yourself and not appreciating the wonderful creation you are. Don’t act like politicians who check the polls before declaring what they stand for.

Surround yourself with the unconventional. Those who are a bit quirky. Who aren’t afraid to live their own way. That’s one characteristic I love about paranormal investigators. They know people are going to roll their eyes at them. And they don’t care.

The world is homogenized enough. Loosen society’s shackles and experience the freedom of being yourself.

Let’s make this an interesting world, one where we’re courageous enough to allow our eccentric glory to shine.

It’s easier to live joyfully when you spend each day authentically. If people don’t get it, fine. But you’ll release the tethers tying you down and you’ll soar to new heights.