Two weeks from today (Wed., Sept. 7), I’ll be teaching “Attracting Positive Energies” from 6 to 9 p.m. at TMCC’s Meadowood Center in Reno.  A part of the annual Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, this class is great for those who are empathic, seeking spirit interaction or ghost hunters.

My goals are to help you:

    • Become aware of how your state-of-mind, thoughts and words impact the energies and people about you.
    • Learn how to pay attention to what is around you energetically (both from the bodied and the unfettered).
    • Find out how to deal with negative energies (whether your own, other people or spirits).
    • Learn to discern whether or not you should engage a spirit.
    • Grow more confident, relaxed and less fearful of the energies around you.
    • Connect with spirits and create a conducive environment for positive interaction.

This noncredit Community Education class costs $39 and advance registration is encouraged. Full course details here.