The headline above would’ve sent me into a raging tizzy 10 years ago. Why? Because I viewed the paranormal as complete darkness, evil. A notion I believe many still hold today due to how the media portrays the unknown and how some churches preach that the supernatural is evil.

The paranormal is defined as an event that science cannot explain. And, thankfully, the Most Divine eludes all rational explanation. I love that God is so huge, so unknown that I can’t begin to understand the scope of divinity and must yield to wonder and appreciation.

Today, I embrace the concept of God is paranormal as key to my development as a mystical Christian.

by P. Jambunathan,

The Universal Power is paranormal because:

  • We do not experience God like we do physical beings. Feeling the Most Divine’s presence transcends the senses of sight, touch, smell and hearing. For me, the Great I Am has shown itself as a sudden knowing, an overwhelming sense of pure love or body-wide tingling similar to a rush of energy coursing through my body.
  • We can’t predict when a divine encounter will happen. When I’ve wanted to experience God’s closeness the most is when it’s least likely to occur. When it does (as it has several times in my adult life) the welcome surprise is a blessing that stays with me.
  • God is limitless. The Supreme Being made everything and that divine spark of creation connects all life. We can never escape the knowingness of the Most Divine or hide our true selves from the Creator. The Universal Power plays a role in each of our lives, steering us toward the path we’re meant to be on. As I demonstrated in “A Reluctant Spirit,” God orchestrated events to prepare me for the night in the haunted Goldfield Hotel, which led me to understand the divine presence in the paranormal.
  • The more the Sacred is experienced, the more awe-inspiring and unexplainable God becomes. Each time I encounter the Universal Power, this blessing gives me insight into how much I’ll never know about the vastness of the divine.

Personally, I hope we never fully comprehend the Supreme Power, because it’s only while immersed in the unknown that we may completely demonstrate our faith.