It was an amazing and eerie 12 hours. We experienced different spirits in various ways, took compelling video and captured haunting EVP.

And I hadn’t even wanted to go.

When news anchor Bill Brown asked me to serve as the impartial observer during a paranormal investigation of central Nevada’s long-vacant Goldfield Hotel, I inwardly panicked and looked for a tactful way out of going.

Goldfield Hotel

It wasn’t that I expected anything to happen. I didn’t. But a small part of me was terrified my assumption would be wrong.

Which, of course, it was.

A Reluctant Spirit: A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian is my personal story of transformation arising from this event. Below is our team’s story chronicled by KTVN on that eventful night in 2007.

            Kathleen’s YouTube Channel KTVN Goldfield Story Part I  Get a feel for this building’s history and hear about the earlier results of our investigation.

            Kathleen’s YouTube Channel KTVN Goldfield Story Part II  Listen to the controversial Class A EVPs that verified the brick being thrown at the Ghost Adventures’ crew.

Thank you to KTVN for allowing me to post these videos. Thank you to Bill Brown for welcoming me to the investigative team; to Jeff Foss for the awesome job he did filming these segments; to Janice Oberding for arranging our investigation; and to the remarkable Virginia Ridgway (then caretaker of the Goldfield) for giving us access to this Gem of the Desert.