Recenty, a frightened woman reached out to me about daily paranormal activity in her new apartment. After corresponding with her, I suspected the ghost bothering her could have selected her unit over the others because of her mindset.

Before you read on, please know that the vast majority of spirits we encounter are fine; this post addresses those energies that are problematic. Also, I am referring to people mired in constant negative emotions that are energetically strong enough to permeate their belongings and impact others.

Constant negativity can attract undesirable ghosts.
From our written communication, I could tell this woman was living a life full of tension and strife. I saw she was argumentative on social media and kindled friction among others. Her dramatic life may have attracted the energy which was giving her problems. Some entities seek to feed off negative environments and my hunch was that this spirit had found one.

First, let’s address a couple of caveats.
If you or someone in your household struggles with mental illness, this is the time to seek and heed professional advice. Please do not put your health in danger by not speaking to a qualified doctor.

Or, are you an empath? If so, be aware of the emotions you carry. If you are taking on others’ stress, confusion, anger or fear, you are lowering your own vibration. From personal experience, it took me years to realize that I wasn’t helping others by absorbing their problems.

7 tips to create an environment that unfriendly spirits won’t like.
Changing your outlook on life makes a significant difference in your home’s energy. When facing negative entities, it is important to nurture yourself and not allow the energy to impact you spiritually or emotionally. Negative entities don’t want to be around joy, love and compassion.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Remove yourself from others’ negativity as much as possible. Limit your time on social media, where there is widespread pain, fear and anger.
  • Venture into nature every day. Even if it is just for a couple of minutes. Go for a walk, sit in a forest (or park) and listen to its sounds, or visit a scenic viewpoint and gaze into the distance. Let your mind find peace. Even walking your dog on a regular basis can transform your perspective.
  • Meditate and pray. If you don’t have a meditation practice, start slowly. Try it for three minutes, then increase your quiet time as you gain confidence. Prayer strengthens your connection to the Divine.
  • Sing out loud. Singing raises your vibration and the energy around you. Spiritualists use music as a way to lift the energetic environment before they begin seances.
  • Dance. Be silly. Laugh!
  • When you go to bed at night and upon waking in the morning, ask The Universal Power to infuse every cell of your body with Divine love. Also, request that the lower emotions that have nothing to teach you to be released from your body. Feel it drain out of your limbs, feet and hands and send it deep into the earth to be cleansed. Ask to be a divine vessel to spread love to everything and everyone you encounter.
  • Then, envision you and your family members surrounded by individual bubbles of divine white light. This will give you the peace of mind that your family is protected.

Remember this: Light always overcomes the dark. The Universal Power protects you as you are deserving of its unconditional love and protection. However, if you feel the problem with the spirits persist, consider consulting an organization experienced in banishing harmful entities, such as the Catholic Church or the Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research.

Please be wise. Don’t invite paranormal groups that you don’t personally know (or don’t have strong recommendations) into your home. It is important to have someone with experience who comes from a standpoint of love and wants to help you reclaim your living space.

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