When life crashes down upon us, it’s easy to obsess about the hurdles we face regarding the future of our finances, health or relationships. But focusing on the worst possible results only strengthens the hold these challenges have on us, making our problems seemingly insurmountable.

Steps to acknowledge and release your limiting beliefs

  • Accept that the situation is how it’s supposed to be right now, right here. It doesn’t mean it will be this way tomorrow.
  • Keep your fear in check. Don’t attach more importance or negativity to the circumstances than is warranted. It’s human nature to dwell upon the worst possible outcome, but negativity only empowers the crisis.
  • Release what you expect this challenge to bring. Ask the Universal Power to allow the situation to unfold as the Most Divine sees fit. Ask to be given the wisdom and strength to react in the most beneficial way for you and your loved ones.
  • Give yourself over to divine love. Let the pure, unconditional love wash over you and recognize you’re never alone in your struggles.
  • Open yourself to the lessons you can learn and to ways you can respond differently to this situation.
  • Purge any idea that you deserve this misery. Blaming yourself adds to the negativity of the situation and makes it harder for you to move forward. Don’t convince yourself that you’re unworthy of living a happy life.

by Arjun Kartha, freeimages.com

Love yourself as much as you do those dear to you

I once felt it was wrong to love myself, because I feared doing so was egotistical. But I’ve found that we cannot progress if we always view ourselves as lacking. We are—you are—God’s creation. The Universal Power created you knowingly: your personality, your quirkiness, your physical features. The Most Divine molded you as an individual with full knowledge of what the Great I Am was doing.

It’s hard to release negativity if you berate yourself every day.

Here’s a daily practice I’ve found helpful to accept whatever situation I’m facing.

When I awaken in the morning, I say this to myself and to my God:

  • I release all expectations of what this day will bring and live in faith that you’ll lift me up.
  • I accept all divine love.
  • I accept all blessings.
  • I accept __________. (Insert the opposite of what is troubling you, i.e., I accept good health, I accept financial fitness, I accept trustworthy relationships)

Please know you’ll come out better for this and the bleakness of a current situation is not static. The night may surely last much longer than you want, but the dawn will break and the sun will shine again.