Once I started exploring my own psychic abilities, others would advise me to raise my vibration. When I’d ask them what that meant, I’d get a vague response, such as: “It’s your energy” or “One day you’ll just know what it is.”

I was befuddled. How could I raise my vibration? I pictured myself shaking about, trembling wildly in hopes of honing my intuitive skills.

Over the years, this is what I’ve come to understand.

What is vibration?

Through the String Theory, physicists present the idea that all matter contains vibrating microscopic filaments.

Vibrations can be the result of electromagnetic radiation moving in waves at different frequencies. For instance, our heart vibrates at 1 Hertz a second; our brainwaves vary from 4 Hertz (delta waves) to 20 Hertz (beta waves). For comparison, radio waves emit 1 MegaHertz.*

by Flavio Takemoto, freeimages.com

Raising your vibration is about synchronizing your energy waves with the target of your communication

By matching your brain wave frequency with that of a spirit, an animal or a person, you achieve resonance (synchronicity) with that entity. This enables you to better connect energetically and intuitively.

Achieving the highest vibration isn’t always helpful

The vibration of most life isn’t located on the higher end of the scale where visible light, X-rays or gamma rays exist. But, I believe it takes more to communicate with energies in the heavenly realm than in the earthly one. Think of it as resonating with your higher being—your soul—to help you reach across to the Other Side.

Our vibration rates vary from hour to hour

Our electromagnetic frequencies vary.  It is generally accepted among psychics and mediums that our level is lower when we’re fearful, hateful, angry, sad or frustrated. Our rate increases when we’re loving, joyful, serene and grateful.

Tips for increasing your vibration

  • Become aware of negative thoughts about others and especially about yourself, and release them to the Higher Power.
  • Honor yourself. You are a creation of the Most Divine.
  • Meditate regularly. Scientists have found that our energy frequency changes when we incorporate this practice into our daily lives. In addition, meditating in nature makes it easier to resonate with earthly energies.
  • Engage in activities that feed your soul and bring you joy. Sing. Play. Create art. Dance. Be silly. Spiritualists routinely sing as a group to raise the room’s energy before asking spirits to communicate with them.
  • Play uplifting music. Studies find that music:
  • enhances higher brain function,
  • reduces negative emotions and
  • can help you reach a deeper meditative state.

By focusing on the frequency of the energy we’re emitting, we’ll become more attuned to the heavenly realm and divine guidance that will aid us in better helping our loved ones and determining our life’s purpose.

*“Multidimensional Mind: Remote Viewing in Hyperspace” by Jean Millay, Ph.D.