Some religions believe that our earthly plane is removed from the heavenly and spiritual realms. That our end goal is to ascend to a different location, wholly separate from our physical existence. Imagine my surprise, when meditating, that I learned all realms exist in the same cosmic container, intersecting and residing in the same shared space.

This spoke to me on a profound level as I realized that we’re not only connected to all earthly creation, but to the energies in the spiritual and Divine realms as well.

The only barrier between dimensions is the one we create in our mind.
We’ve erected mental barriers telling us we are separate. The only veil that exists is in our beliefs: it’s an illusion we’ve bought into that prevents us from sensing energies in the heavenly and spirit planes.

I have sat with this message, praying to better comprehend this concept. I believe feeling separate from other realms is our default setting to help us stay sane; after all, our world can be overwhelming as it is without considering the unseen activity going on around us. The issue, though, is that this belief leads to us being clueless how we impact other dimensions.

What we do or say generates new energies that ripple through humanity and nature. Think of the contagious nature of joy: a child’s giggle or a fur baby’s jubilant greeting when we come home from work. It’s uplifting. It makes us smile. Or, conversely, consider how we feel when people next to us get into a heated argument. It puts us on edge and brings our mood down.

So it figures that since all dimensions inhabit the same space, our actions and thoughts impact the spiritual and Divine dimensions as well.

Let’s build our realization that what we sense is only a small slice of all the energetic beings out there. It’s part of our growth to transcend the physical to accept that more exists than what we can see. Isn’t that the true definition of faith?

Will you uplift all energetic beings? Or will you emit constant lower frequencies that could hinder them?

What can you do to benefit all realms?

  • Seek out worthwhile experiences
  • Reach out to your neighbor in need
  • Reground yourself by delighting in nature
  • Become aware of your thoughts and reactions—catch yourself when you are angry, frustrated or fearful
  • Shift your focus from what’s wrong in your life to what’s good by using gratitude
  • Practice kindness to all creation

When we realize what we do has an impact on those around us, as well as those in other dimensions, we must take action. Working on our own happiness, healing our wounds and reaching out to others help us strengthen the bonds between all creation, whether earth-bound or spiritual.

Coexisting with other dimensions explains why we all possess ESP.
The inter-relatedness of the spiritual and divine realms with ours explains why we possess psychic abilities; it’s our ability to sense the unseen around us. By communicating with our crossed-over loved ones, angels and other spirits, we strengthen our connection with all creation, no matter which dimension they dwell.

It continues to amaze me how much the Most Loving’s scope, splendor and mystery grows the more I seek out The Great I Am. In addition, I feel even more at peace knowing my loved ones who have left this realm aren’t far away from me.

Our time in the physical dimension is sacred and we don’t want to miss our opportunities to make positive contributions to all. Let’s ripple through all realms with integrity, love and respect.