When you love someone, you enjoy communicating with them. So it makes sense that the Supreme Being reaches out to us as well, even if we don’t recognize it when it happens. Through increasing our awareness and learning how to listen, all of us can regularly receive divine guidance.

Practice thankful prayer and meditation
For many, prayer is a time where they recite a list of what they want God to do for them and their loved ones.* I find praying richer and more meaningful when I use this time to express my gratitude to the Most Loving.

  • I ask for divine love and light to fill and protect me.
  • I express thanks for not only the obvious blessings I’ve received, but also for the obstacles that grow me as a person.
  • I express my faith and awe in all The Great I Am does.

When we become comfortable with the quiet and allow our minds to rest, we’re more receptive to receive guidance from the Most Loving. Clearing our minds make room for the divine to communicate with us.

Here’s my process:

  • As I segue from prayer into meditation, I ask for the Universal Power to help me become aware of its guidance.
  • I settle into the quiet and ask what I need to know to get the most out of my day.
  • I pay attention to what pops into my mind: if it’s idle chatter, I ask the Most Loving to clear it and to help me deal with that later.
  • I then sink into the weightiness of silence, listening and tuning into my body. I may feel an energy tingle in my hands, or the sensation of light penetrating my mind. My mood may lift or I may experience a drenching of sacred love. Words can pop into my mind. Sometimes I just receive a knowing that all will be okay.

Don’t feel defeated if you think nothing happens after practicing thankful prayer and meditation. And, avoid forcing your expectations on this process. It takes time to recognize subtle energy interjections and many times, we may receive a divine message, but not realize it until the brain and heart has processed it. The message you received may appear later when you are doing something repetitive: walking, gardening, driving or even doing dishes.

What are the signs that the Most Loving has communicated with you?

  • You experience thoughts out of the blue, such as a resolution to an issue you are facing. Or perhaps you receive information that leads to a spiritual breakthrough.
  • You fill with an intensity of love.
  • You have lucid dreams filled with love. You may see colors, smell scents or feel touch. The memory and message of these dreams stay with you.
  • You notice “coincidences” (I believe there are no coincidences and that every event has a purpose) that move you in a new direction or provide a deeper understanding of what you’ve been facing.

The Great I Am always communicates with love, kindness and support. Anything else that may come through is not divine communication.

*I do pray for others, but now, I do that separately from my daily thankful practice.