One day as I griped to myself about how hard life was, I’d thought, “I’m going to get the most out of this life, because I don’t want to come back to Earth again.” However immediately after that, I had the revelation that my presence here isn’t just for my growth: it’s to contribute positively to the whole.

As I wrote in “Earthly, spiritual and divine realms exist in one space,” all dimensions exist in the same cosmic container. There are no true distances between realms and the only boundaries that exist are the ones we’ve constructed in our minds.

Different messages I’ve received over the past year are connecting in a way I hadn’t realized, making me see that each of us have a profound purpose here, one that transcends our personal growth. Here are those messages:

  • Many volunteer to live on Earth, but not all who want a physical lifetime will be chosen for it. (See my post, God gifted you a body.)
  • The Most Loving believes in us and our ability to fulfill our potential. That’s why we were selected to be here.
  • Once chosen, we create energies that impact all dimensions.
  • Since all creation—all energy—is connected, our actions, feelings and thoughts create energies that can support everything across the continuum.

Only when we are in the physical, when survival is hardwired into our lives, we tend to think that everything is about us and our closest circle of loved ones. It isn’t. In fact, survival isn’t the big deal, as we are infinite. “Dying” is just moving on to a freer energetic state. We depart this realm when we are meant to.

Our purpose here is larger than our life (or past lives).
Why? For one, we are selected to come into the material realm. Two, we come to the physical form to not only grow into our potential, but to contribute to the health of all dimensions. We do this by creating love-form energies through prayer, gratitude, showing respect to all and working on our spiritual growth. The more we live in love, we transmit increasingly higher energies to all dimensions.

This knowledge changes my perception of why we are here, now, at this place and time. It’s our duty to lift up and support all energetic/physical beings. As we become more spiritually enlightened and understand that we are connected to everything, our responsibilities grow and we recognize the importance of injecting more light and love into the cosmos.

This greater work grows us personally, while expanding our understanding of how we impact the whole. We find we benefit from the individual work others have done. And, when we commune with these individuals, we contribute to an ever-widening eddy of love, bliss and sacredness.

Everything we do ripples across the continuum. The more we learn, the more enlightened we become. The more we love, the more we seek to uplift everything and everyone.