In my post, “Earthly, spiritual and divine realms exist in one space,” I wrote that the only true barrier between dimensions is the one we form in our minds. For me, the most profound part of this message is that The Most Loving is never far from us.

I’m sharing the following story not for sympathy, but with hope that you may find something in my experience that will help you.

A few weeks ago after suffering through five nights of insomnia, I walked into the kitchen to see a sink of dirty dishes. I realized that I hadn’t kept up with most of my daily tasks. I became overwhelmed.

My normal pattern is to get so angry at myself that it makes me more ill. This time, though, instead of allowing myself to repeat this destructive pattern, I made an observation: At that moment, I felt separated from the Most Loving. Truly alone. I realized that for me to continue this negative cycle I had to mentally push God aside. My anger required me to distance myself from the divine. After all, I can’t hate myself while the Creator showers me with love and support.

Setting myself free
Getting angry has never helped me resolve an issue, it only complicated the situation and muddled my thinking. It was time to ask for divine help. “Oh, Most Loving, I cannot feel you. Please help me reconnect with you. Help me to realize you are here for me. I need help.”

Instantly, my mind calmed and my racing heart slowed. The anger dissipated. I felt the urge to play some favorite music, so I heeded that nudge. As I washed the dishes, I focused on the pleasant sensation of warm water running over my hands and I prioritized the most important tasks that had to be completed.

Calling on the Most Loving seismically shifted my perspective. I realized that my tantrums required that I push God away first. It’s much easier to feel sorry for myself when I won’t permit love to work in my life.

I could’ve replayed the cycle like I’ve done hundreds of times before. Instead, I asked for divine intervention. I reframed my thoughts. I decided to honor my body and its valiant efforts to get me through each day, despite the struggles it faces. I refocused on what I’m grateful for vs. dwelling on what I can’t do.

Request divine help
I encourage you to try this for yourself. Even if you don’t feel a sudden shift when inviting the Creator back to help you, a positive change still takes place. God gave you freewill, and part of that freewill is you can push the Most Loving away.

It’s never a sign of weakness to ask for help; you were never meant to handle this physical existence all on your own. Actually, asking for help is a sign that you’ve grown personally and spiritually.

Just make your request and the Most Loving will send you the tools and divine intervention to help you break destructive patterns and find peace. You’ll regain your life’s balance, heal your body and expand your soul.