My most transformative encounters (spiritual, intuitive and paranormal) occurred when I wasn’t expecting them.

I routinely hear from others desperately wanting to experience God or spirits who think that if they just focus more on it happening, it will.

Unfortunately, this usually leads to the opposite. When we try too hard to feel the Creator, spirits or crossed over loved ones, is when it’s least likely to occur.

Why? Because we’re shifting the focus away from our hearts to our brains, thus feeding our ego’s need to control our spiritual growth. In addition, the more we stay rooted in our thoughts, the more we tie ourselves to the physical realm instead of the mystical one. To move our desires away from the earthly, we need to let them be known to our higher selves—our souls—and let it go from there.

by Josh Klute,

Bede Griffiths, a Christian mystic and Benedictine monk, (1906-1993) said, “Intuition cannot be produced. It has to be allowed to happen. But that is just what the rational mind cannot endure. It wants to control everything. It is not prepared to be silent, to be still, to allow things to happen.”

So how can we boost our chances of experiencing the ethereal world? Our sixth sense can open naturally through increasing our:

  • awareness of what’s energetically around us,
  • faith in the existence of the supernatural and
  • willingness to let it unfold as it is supposed to.

This is an ability that thrives when nurtured, not orchestrated. That’s why I believe science has never been able to definitively prove the existence of the spirit world, because science requires a forced, controllable atmosphere that can be replicated.

When I take part in a paranormal investigation, my attitude is “if something happens that’s great, but if nothing occurs that’s fine as well.” My goal is to have fun and create a welcoming atmosphere to any spirits present, not to demand they prove their existence to me.

By engaging this mindset, I’m free to be open to what’s around me. The pressure that I need to have a supernatural experience is gone.  It’s only then, like an unexpected gift, it can happen. And the surprise has always been delightful.

The exercise below has helped me allow my intuition to grow at the pace it’s meant to. I recommend practicing this once a day for five minutes. Make sure to turn off your cell phone, radio, TV and computer so you won’t be distracted.

  • Sit quietly and relax.
  • Focus on the sounds around you. Listen to them.
  • How does the air feel on your skin?
  • Do you smell any scents? Breathe in deeply.
  • Feel your heart beat in your chest.
  • Ask to be filled with sacred love and to share that love with everything and everyone you encounter. Imagine the love coursing through your veins.

This technique will help you grow more comfortable with your own energy as well as the Most Divine’s, which is the first step in building your intuitive ability.