I’ve just been notified that Central Nevada’s Goldfield Hotel, which has been closed to the public, is now accepting reservations for tours and night-time paranormal investigations. This is the building where I encountered extraordinary paranormal activity with a TV news crew in 2007 (see my book, A Reluctant Spirit).

Goldfield Hotel

Here is the information I received on Oct. 28, 2017.  I don’t know for how long tours will be offered as the hotel is expected to reopen for business (the first-time since the 1940s) the end of 2018.

I personally don’t have more details than what’s listed below, but an email and Facebook page is included for you to use as a contact.

“The Goldfield Hotel is back open for tours and paranormal investigations. Contact the Beautiful Goldfield, Nevada Facebook Page and message them there or e-mail justjeriphotos@gmail. com and ask for Jeri.

Daytime tours are $20 a person for an hour. After an hour it’s $5 per person for every 15 minutes. Night-time investigations are at an introductory rate at $400 flat fee and $10 per person. Night investigations will be held from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.”

I wanted to spread the word about this exciting development as this is an amazing building and many of you have asked me about how you can gain access.