Each of us have been gifted with a unique set of blessings: assets and talents that bolster our lives. While it seems blessings are of a personal nature, we can increase the common good by sharing those gifts.

Sharing strengthens our community, our world.
By sharing our blessings (physical, emotional, spiritual or monetary) with others, we enhance the connection between all creation. In the afterlife, that bond is recognized and honored. Think of sharing as a way to bring a bit of heaven onto Earth.

Blessings take many shapes. Here are a handful of areas where we can assist others:

  • Business skills — share knowledge that can help someone start a business, enter a new career or get ahead in their profession
  • Artistic talents — touch others through painting, writing, music or dance
  • Mentoring — stand beside someone and encourage them on their journey
  • Physical strength — help with tasks that less-physically abled people can’t do
  • Handy around the house — show someone how to fix a household project and give them a way to save money
  • Networking — promote others’ skills among networking circles

When we share a part of ourselves with people—regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds and lifestyles—we recognize their humanity and their vital contribution to the whole.

Share time with others. Listen to them.
Make someone feel heard and they will find their voice. When people are listened to, they become empowered. Few actions can be as life changing as being actively listened to. Let someone vent, cry or talk. Don’t try to fix it. Listen deeply to what they are saying. Show them they’re worthy of our time and friendship.

Resist the urge to tell them to grow in ways they’re unable to grow at this time. Love meets people where they are.

Sitting in silence with a friend’s sorrow can escalate healing. Sometimes we just need the comfort of a friend’s presence. Without a word, we increase that person’s self-esteem, making them feel valued. In turn, they will make others feel valued.

Everyone has their strengths; some just haven’t recognized their worth or found a way to use their strengths effectively.

Sharing is an act of love.
Sharing is an energetic gift. Like donating a bit of lifeforce to make others’ lives a little better. If everyone did this, there would be less pain and sadness. Of course, there’s always going to be hardship, but there is strength when one feels connected to another.

If we can make someone’s life better, why wouldn’t we do it? Once we start sharing, we’ll find it’s contagious. And, the person receiving assistance will want to make a difference for others as well.

Help those unwilling to help themselves.
When someone has descended so far into the depths of their woes, it may seem there’s nothing that can be done. Essentially, they’re paralyzed by their own lack of worth. While we don’t want to enable what is holding them down, we can give them love. Be a light, a friend. Listen. As they begin to recognize their value, they will take action to change their lives.

Sharing generates love and strengthens community bonds.
When people feel connected, their loneliness ebbs. Make someone feel worthy. Spread joy, love, peace. Share all that is good.