Many of us struggle to love ourselves. We may feel we’re falling short of where we thought we’d be at this point in our lives; we may have different dreams than society wants us to focus on; or we’re so busy trying to make ourselves into what others want, it empties us inside.

It’s easy to fool ourselves into thinking that it doesn’t matter if we judge ourselves too harshly. But it does. Why?

  • To say we’re never enough is a form of personal abuse. Why add negativity to our lives?
  • We can’t fully love anyone unless we embrace who we are.
  • We put ourselves in opposition with The Most Divine, as it views us as its creation and loves us unconditionally.
  • Negative self-views lead to stress, unhappiness and health issues.
  • Being too hard on ourselves creates a barrier to increasing our intuitive ability as we won’t believe what we’re sensing or being shown.

Perfection is not attainable.
For most of my life, I strived for perfection. Surprisingly (ha!), I never attained it. No matter how much I sacrificed (not enough time with loved ones, pushing my body beyond its limits), I always fell short in my estimation. This led me to become hyper critical of everything I did. I had questioned my value and berated myself for not being more.

Then I learned that God never torments us that we’re not enough—because it knows we are. The Great I Am deemed us worthy of this adventure on earth and we must honor that. The only expectation God puts on us is to LOVE fully. Love everyone. Love nature. Love your body. Love your essence.

As I was drafting this piece, I saw a Facebook post written about perfectionism by friend and lightworker Denise Sheehan. She wisely turns this outlook into a tool saying, “Perfectionism has been a brilliant teacher, exploring all my faults and fallacies, a driver for another strength/shadow, achiever, that served me well when I lived a more 3D life. Perfectionism has become, through my years of deep spiritual work, a portal to compassion.”

Society encourages sameness. Be bold. Be yourself.
Finding our own special path in life can be complicated when society tries to force us into neat little identities that fit the norm. Those expectations can overpower us. Too often, peer pressure tries to dictate how we look, what we buy, how we think and even how to be spiritual.

Being like everyone else is under-rated. It’s time for us to reclaim and honor our unique being.

Personally, I’m done trying to live down to society’s dictates. Yes, “down.” By ignoring our strengths, our desires, we settle for less by mirroring the usual.

Instead, let’s follow our hearts and honor ourselves. That means embracing our quirks, our physical imperfections and our unconventional beliefs. Be authentic. Refuse to live within the boundaries others try to define for us.

Our souls are shaped by how much we love, what we learn, what we experience, what we overcome and what we create. To make our hearts right, we must make decisions with it. The mind reports to the heart. The heart is what makes us authentically ourselves. We are unique creations, shaped through The Most Divine.

To make ourselves miserable is a waste of energy. Let’s break free from judgment and live in authenticity, wonder and gratitude.