Following my experiences at the haunted Goldfield Hotel (see “A Reluctant Spirit”), I realized that I’d always filled my space with noise. Music blared while I drove. And, when I’d arrived home, I’d turn on the radio or tv—even if I didn’t want to watch or listen to anything. Being in the quiet made me ill at ease.

It took some time for me to realize why: deep down I’d known I was intuitive, and receiving messages scared me. Manmade noise scrambled my mind, muddled my gift and allowed me to live in denial. It also prevented me from realizing my full potential.

Mentally processing the other-worldly activity at the Goldfield was impossible as long as I kept my existence noisy. I started craving the quiet. And, in the silence, I propelled my spiritual awakening, forging a more personal relationship with The Great I Am.

Since I opened myself up to the wonders of silence, it’s something I look forward to every day. Experiencing the mystical openness—that sacred space that fosters a connection to the Most Divine—is a practice that gives me strength and peace.

Silence is holy.
Silent immersion has long been practiced by mystics. When we regularly make time for stillness, we better sense the Most Divine’s presence. This happens because we’ve shown our willingness to just listen. And by making this effort, we better understand our life’s purpose and feel a connection to all of creation.

Spiritual masters have taught the importance of silence for centuries. Dr. Matthew Fox wrote in an August 2022 blog that, “Silence is surely one of the deep ways into the human heart and into divine mysteries.” Meister Eckhart—a Christian Mystic who lived in the 13th and 14th centuries—said, “nothing in all creation is so like God as silence.” He also wrote that we’ll find God when we enter into deep silence. In his post, Fox also referred to Hawaiian Kapuna Nana Veary who said, “Silence means no repetitions, no affirmations, no denials, only a conscious acknowledgement of Aloha’s (the divine’s) allness. In the silence, one is beyond words and thoughts.”

Silent immersion differs from meditation, because instead of clearing our minds, we focus on intent listening.

Become comfortable with the quiet.
Perhaps you intentionally fill your space with manmade noise like I once did. If you are ill-at-ease during times of silence, examine your discomfort. Ask yourself:

  • Is your internal voice overly critical of you?
  • Have you perceived that God has let you down and you don’t want to be open with The Supreme Being?
  • Are you afraid of your ability to sense other energies?
  • Is your life so stressful that you can’t turn your mind off?

By practicing silence, you can overcome the above concerns. After incorporating just 10 minutes each day of allowing yourself to be enveloped by the quiet, you’ll be on your way to leading a more balanced, spiritual life.

How to ascend into silence.
There are several ways you can remove yourself from the noise of daily life: sit in a park, go out into nature, visit your backyard (if you live away from city noises) or wait until everyone goes to bed and sit in the darkness.

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Express your gratitude for life. Thank the Supreme Being for what’s been given to you. If you are uncomfortable, this is a good time to pray for protection.
  • Drop all expectations and sit with the silence.
  • Explore the quiet, pushing aside all thoughts.
  • Focus on what you hear. Recognize a bird’s chirp, the breeze in the trees, the hum of the fridge.
  • Go even deeper, pushing yourself beyond those first sounds into the vastness of stillness. It may feel like a void, but that’s an illusion. This silence is alive with The Universal Power’s energy.
  • While embracing that vastness, connect your heart to The Most Divine’s loving energy.
  • Whether you feel the presence of The Great I Am or not, know that God is always present and understands that you’re listening. Take rest there. Feel the unconditional love.
  • When you’re done with this exercise, express your thanks and love.

Benefit by regularly practicing stillness.
By sitting in silence, we allow creation’s energy to easily infiltrate our minds and hearts. As we continue to practice, we’ll feel God’s presence more profoundly and, as a result, we’ll be more in tune with our intuitive abilities.

Over time as we connect to the sacred, we can more easily discard the lies we tell ourselves. Exploring silence swaddles us in the Most Divine’s presence and helps us to respect who we are. Simply, we have found our place, as well as our connection with the cosmos.

Our lives have been overwhelmed by noise too long. Let’s welcome silence into our lives and find more fulfillment in our daily activities.