Chronic Illness/Overcoming Adversity

/Chronic Illness/Overcoming Adversity

Release limiting beliefs

Recently, I returned from a vacation in the woods of Alberta, Canada. While I didn’t bring back souvenirs, I brought home something more substantial—another triumph over the disease that wracked my body for almost two decades. For years, Ken dreamt of paddling a multi-day kayaking trip in the northern reaches of our continent. My consistent [...]

Don’t seek to know what your future holds

Recently, my friend, Jeff, found a 1988 video clip of me. Initially, I laughed at my mega-sized eyeglasses and big, curly hair. But, a realization hit me soon after: this was the pre-illness Kathy just 15 months before being stricken with Post-Viral Neurasthenia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Little did she know that soon she’d be [...]

10 steps to prepare yourself for healing

Thanks to reader Bryce for requesting this topic. While I believe healing occurs when and if the Most Divine decides it will happen, we can prepare ourselves for renewed health. These actions also provide a precious benefit: an increased sense of peace. I’ll probably never know why God waited 18 years to reinvigorate my body. [...]

Every day brings a gift; let’s be grateful for it

When I’m at peace, I find each day brings me a small present, one that further boosts my gratitude and infuses additional joy into my routine. It could take the form of someone appreciating my work, or me witnessing a dazzling sunrise, encountering wildlife or laughing heartily with loved ones. Unfortunately, I’m not at peace [...]

Letting go differs from giving up

For me, a frustrating aspect of being chronically ill for years was when friends and doctors told me to give up hope that I’d ever get better because I was priming myself for failure. Well, for those who read my blog and have read “A Reluctant Spirit,” you know I had the last laugh on [...]

We all have access to God

Recently, a good friend of mine asked me to sit in the ICU waiting room with her while she awaited the outcome of her loved one’s surgery. She told me, “I wanted you here because God listens to you and he doesn’t listen to me.” This is so sad. And so wrong. I don’t have [...]

God doesn’t allow spiritual attacks; we do.

Like other Christians, there have been times when I felt spiritually assaulted by the dark side. And, although it’s only happened a handful of times, it usually occurs when I’m on the cusp of an enlightening breakthrough. I’ve pondered how God, who loves us unconditionally, would allow Satan and other negative energies to prey on [...]

The rains: A Reluctant Spirit out-take

This excerpt, deleted from my final manuscript "A Reluctant Spirit," details the first day I fell ill with Post Viral Neurasthenia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome while exploring East Africa in 1989. To this day, that safari holds a magic for me, one not minimized by 18 years of illness. The wind whips my blue cotton [...]

Don’t rush it. Everything comes in its own time.

Patience has never been my personal virtue. I wanted a publisher to sell my book, “A Reluctant Spirit,” years ago. I’d thought I could handle my discomfort revealing such intimate experiences that happened to me. I was wrong. Thank God, the Most Divine had a different plan in mind. Life led me on a rambling, [...]

Never Lose Faith

In 2000 and 2001, doctors from the Mayo Clinic and Stanford Medical Center told me I suffered from permanent nerve damage and would never recover. Their advice to me: Stop pushing yourself and accept that you’ll never live the life you want. Despite this, a voice buried deeply within me urged me not to give [...]