Create an awareness of the energies about you, then set your boundaries

It’s important to learn how to sense the spirits around you, so you can establish boundaries and retain control of your environment. Even without believing in these energies they may invade our space, affect our mood, health or sense of well-being. Photo courtesy of the New York Public Library. While it’s taken me [...]

The Bible acknowledges the existence of positive spirits and ghosts

At one time, I worshipped at a church where the pastor warned of the evils of supernatural beings visiting our realm. What about angels on Earth, you may ask. He’d have said, “Nope, only Satan’s army of fallen angels visits us.” What about the spirits of crossed-over loved ones that come to see us? “Satan [...]

Be selective about séances

I’m not a big fan of séances. I’m sure a lot of it comes from my Christian upbringing, but it’s also because I know some circles are led by inexperienced people. A séance leader needs to be able to control the environment and ensure the safety of its participants. It’s not that I’ve had any [...]

Develop your spirit radar: Is that energy good or evil? Part II

See part I. Part Two: Hone your discernment When dealing with spirit, discernment proves vital. You must be able to determine whether an entity is positive or a negative. I believe many organized religions discourage their flocks from delving into the paranormal because they don’t have faith in their parishioners’ abilities to sense good from [...]

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