Registration opens for the 2015 Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series

As most of you know, I began a unique spiritual odyssey when my boss asked me to work on our fledgling paranormal program. Over 14 years as the series manager, I’ve met astounding individuals and experienced mind-expanding activity that has enriched my life. If you live in the western U.S., consider attending some of the [...]

6 questions to answer before investigating a haunted location

As I wrote last week, historical data can deepen your investigation and help you to better relate to the spirits that may inhabit a building. So what should your team historian research? Here are my top six suggestions: Who lived, worked there? For homes: What was the owner’s income status and career? Did a family [...]

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History matters when investigating the paranormal

For me, the ideal ghost hunting team is comprised of at least three specialists: a technological expert adept at using investigative equipment and knowledgeable enough to detect false positives; an intuitive/psychic/sensitive who can detect energies and pick up spirit communication; and a historian, one who’s researched the site and can guide an investigation. Reasons historians [...]

Five of my top ten tips for ghost hunting success

I’ve taken part in a variety of ghost investigations. Through managing the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, my participation in early KTVN ghost hunt news segments (as documented in my memoir, A Reluctant Spirit) and conducting independent paranormal quests, I’ve experienced a wide range of investigation styles. I’ve also been fortunate to work with some [...]

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Parting Curtains

For many months after my life-altering Goldfield Hotel experience (GFH), I’d have rather been pinned to the ground and covered in fire ants than to enter that haunted edifice again. I stayed mentally overwhelmed. The experience loomed over me every day. I was unsure of what I knew. Frightened of what else could happen. I [...]

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