As most of you know, I began a unique spiritual odyssey when my boss asked me to work on our fledgling paranormal program. Over 14 years as the series manager, I’ve met astounding individuals and experienced mind-expanding activity that has enriched my life.

If you live in the western U.S., consider attending some of the classes I’ve arranged for September and October 2015. Visit the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series registration site to see 2015 class details.

In response to reader requests, I’ll be teaching “Ghosts, God and the Afterlife.” I’ll expand upon concepts shared in A Reluctant Spirit and my blog posts. I’ll discuss why I believe my relationship with the Great I Am is stronger than ever and how Christianity’s mystical roots shouldn’t be discarded in modern times. In addition, two great guest speakers—Washo spirit guide Dahlahk Pahtahlngee (see Animal Totems) and Rabbi ElizaBeth Beyer (see Evil’s Existence on Earth )—will discuss their religious beliefs about the intersection of the spirit and earthly realms.

Two instructors featured in my memoir, A Reluctant Spirit, will teach for our 2015 event. Janice Oberding will present our popular “Ghost Hunting 101” class at Reno’s historic Lake Mansion, as well as “Nevada’s Haunted Hotspots: Histories” and “Spiritualism in Early Nevada.” Janice has written dozens of books on the paranormal and history. Her latest, The Ghosts of Goldfield and Tonopah, has just been released through Arcadia Press. Psychic medium Vickie Gay will return to Reno to conduct an energy circle. Vickie recently was named one of the top mediums in North America by American Psychic and Medium Magazine.

We’ll be offering two other psychic classes. “Develop Your Psychic Abilities” will be taught by Pride and Gail Hansen (see 4 Tips to Encourage Your Child’s Psychic Ability) and will teach you how to clear your space, release energy and safely open yourself to spirit communication. In “Expand Your Consciousness,” you will delve into telepathy, remote viewing and past life memories.

Sharon Leong (see Creative Investigative Techniques, The Mission Mirror vs. Oscar Wilde and Is That a Ghost in Your Photo?) joins her sister Anne in presenting “How Spirits Engage Us.” As the San Francisco Ghost Society’s co-directors of technology, they’ll discuss how energies use electronics, our senses, dreams and more to get our attention.

I’m very excited about this year’s “Virginia City Ghost Hunt Field Trip” as we’ll be visiting Nevada’s oldest Catholic church—St. Mary’s in the Mountains—where we’ll be the first allowed to investigate the entire structure, including the sanctuary.

A great way to gain insight into what life was like in 1870s Nevada is by taking the “Virginia City Evening Historical Tour and Ghost Hunt” and the “Cemeteries and Tombstones Tour of Dayton and Genoa.”

Our college program is one of the oldest paranormal educational events in the country. I’m thankful to the Northern Nevada paranormal community for the support they’ve given me and our series. I hope to see you there!