When I investigated the Goldfield Hotel in Central Nevada with our local CBS affiliate in 2007, I was taken aback by how our team’s ghost hunters treated the hotel’s spirits like real people. When we entered rooms, they’d apologize for barging in, and then introduce us. They talked politely to what appeared to be empty rooms. The investigators acted as if they’d just communicated with a stranger who had a prestigious reputation.

Okay. I can be a bit slow in processing my observations. But after a while during my time in the hotel, it dawned on me that many spirits are people who’ve transcended their bodies.  And, I also realized that just because a room appeared vacant to me, it didn’t mean no one was there.

Even when you’re not looking for ghosts, pay attention to the energies around you and always be respectful. I’ve known people who fear everything they cannot see, so they immediately find clergy or a psychic to clear their space. As I’ve said before, I think it’s a mistake to assume all energies are evil and need to be removed.

What if an angel has come to Earth to guide you? Or the spirit of a departed loved one wants you to know she is okay? Be kind, yet discerning as you figure out what that energy is. (See my post, “What is that Spirit?” and “Is it Safe to Interact with that Ghost)

Back to paranormal investigating.  On some television shows, ghost hunters routinely subject unseen energies to behavior that would be unthinkable to inflict upon those with bodies. They’ll shout, curse and conduct themselves poorly. They demand that ghosts:

  • Present themselves,
  • Talk with investigators or
  • Prove their existence.

Think about it: Would you respond civilly to someone who stormed into your space and barked orders at you? Or would you be more willing to interact with someone who acknowledged your presence and spoke kindly to you? There’s something else to consider as well: As a paranormal investigator, would you rather deal with a spirit that’s in a good mood or one that’s been ticked off? Personally, I’d prefer to interact with those that haven’t been provoked.

Two techniques to successfully interacting with other energies involve keeping the atmosphere fun. Some of the most interesting experiences I’ve had resulted from playful investigative techniques. (See my post, “Creative Investigative Techniques ) Also helpful in creating a positive environment is giving something to the spirits instead of asking them to perform. (See my post, “The Appreciated Gift)

When you consider spirits to be humans without bodies, you realize the importance of setting boundaries with those energies. Most of us wouldn’t invite strangers to engage with us intimately. So, it’s important to tell them what behavior toward you is appropriate and whether they can touch you or wake you in the middle of the night.

By regarding ghosts as people without bodies, we can set ourselves up for an affirming encounter.