The ghosts of the Goldfield Hotel: the KTVN videos

It was an amazing and eerie 12 hours. We experienced different spirits in various ways, took compelling video and captured haunting EVP. And I hadn’t even wanted to go. When news anchor Bill Brown asked me to serve as the impartial observer during a paranormal investigation of central Nevada’s long-vacant Goldfield Hotel, I inwardly [...]

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Develop your spirit radar: Is that energy good or evil?

Part One: Your attitude While I’ve been blessed from some encounters with spirits, I realize the dangers of courting the paranormal. As a Christian, I believe in the existence of evil in the afterlife. Since wickedness resides in our realm (look at the latest blood-thirsty dictator), it’s logical that negative energies dwell in the Other [...]

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Inside moon: Virginia City’s Millionaire’s Club

In 2008, I again joined KTVN’s paranormal investigative team in Virginia City, Nevada, which is touted as one of the country’s most haunted cities. Our mission was to visit the decrepit Millionaire’s Club, perched atop the Old Washoe Club. Elite decadence reigned here. 1875. A high-class brothel. Casino. The dark politics of power reigned as [...]

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